Now that restrictions are starting to be lifted around the country. You can now celebrate upcoming celebrations or the ones that you and your loved ones were unable to during the lockdown. Either way, party or no party, there is always time for cakes!

The best way for you to spice up and beautify any cake is to get the best cake toppers for parties, flowers. Flowers bring a special touch to any cake. Whether it is decked in big buttercream flowers or whether it is simple. Wherever flowers go, sophistication and elegance and sure to follow.

What are the best cake toppers?

Cake toppers are additional decorations that you can place on top of a cake. They come with sticks or something else that you can push into the cake as an additional design element on the cake. Cake toppers can be phrases, an image, or sometimes can be statues such as for a wedding cake. Cake toppers are essentially anything that can top a cake; even a candle can be considered as a cake topper.

As cake toppers get more and more extravagant, you may be confused about what to pick to be the perfect cherry on top of your cake. The one thing you can always count on delivering a wow factor is flowers. Flowers are a timeless addition to anything, and when all is lost, just choose flowers.

Besides the cake toppers that come in different shapes and phrases, flowers truly are the best cake toppers because it rises above the other options. Sometimes flowers are the better choice than a big glittery sign. It all depends on what look you are going for.

Why choose flowers as cake toppers?

The best cake toppers are flowers because they are simple, yet they add a sophisticated touch to your cake. They are great for any event, but they are particularly great at wedding cakes. The best part is that they don’t just come with a few roses. Rather, they are full bouquet with different flowers and greenery in it to make a perfect combination. The flowers give the whole experience! Also, flower toppers normally come with other flowers to put around cakes as well, not just on the top.

What types of flower cake toppers can I get?

Flower cake toppers come in different varieties. They come with different flower choices, color schemes, etc. and it is really up to you or the person whose party it is to decide what you would like. These are the different kinds of cake toppers you can find:

  1. If you are looking for a colorful cake topper which will bring life into an otherwise simpler or white cake, this red orchid cake topper would be perfect! It brings an amazing pop of color and would contrast greatly on any cake. The greenery also makes it stand out more and shows the beauty of the flowers.
  2. You can get a simpler one, which comes with an assortment of white flowers and greenery to add to a cake that already has some designs. This flower cake topper would be good for a cake which has some detailing so as not to take away from the beautiful aspects of the cake itself.
  3. If you would like more greenery, you can choose to get an ivy rose cake topper because it has beautiful flowers, but it also has more greenery. The leaves are more prominent here, and the shape and features stand out more compared to other flower toppers.
  4. If you choose to go for an all-white look or choose to omit any greenery, this elegant roses cake decoration would be perfect! This would bring the focus on the flowers and would avoid the greenery from distracting from the cake or the brilliant flowers.
  5. You don’t have to get large cakes for it, because you can also get mini cake decor for smaller parties. These are not only for big wedding cakes but for every occasion really. These, in particular, have a great color scheme and would be an amazing addition to a mini cake.

What else can I get for a wedding?

If you are looking for ideas other than cake toppers or if someone already has it, you can get a gift basket. A gift basket is great because the host can also use it as a centrepiece. Also, because it comes with many delicious foods and trinkets that someone can use.

A flower bouquet or cake topper is only for show, and it cannot be used. However, you can take apart a gift basket, and use every part of it. The different gift baskets you can get depend on the person to whom you want to give and the occasion. You can get a wedding gift basket or a birthday gift basket.

The best part about gift baskets is that you can find them in so many varieties. So, there is a good chance you will find one about the person who you want to gift’s favorite thing or hobby. For example, you can get a coffee gift basket or a sports gift basket.