flowers for persian new year

Flowers for Persian New Year

Nowruz Day is also known as the Iranian new year or Persian new Year. March 20 can be just another calendar day for rest of the world but for Persians, it’s a day of Celebration, feast and joy. The first day of Spring season, filled with colorful flowers blooming everywhere. Giving the message of new life and spreading fragrance everywhere.

Nowruz is a combination two Persian words, NO means NEW & ROUZ means DAY. Together they mean “New Day.” The exact beginning occurs when the winter seasons changes to Spring. It’s a perfect holiday being celebrated by Iranian and other diverse ethnic communities and religious backgrounds.

History of Persian New Year:

A 3,000 years old tradition, March 20th or 21st of every year is known as Persian New Year. Behind this cultural celebration there comes a lot of history. You’ll see many Iranians celebrating this day around the world. The first day of Spring, filled with beauty and pleasant weather, they show their National Pride by celebrating the day with different kind of events getting harmonized with the nature, looking forward to a new beginning.

Its also known as the time of the first Zoroastrians, the oldest religious community of Iran, this is the time of season to celebrate spring and wish family and friends the best of new year and thanking God for last year’s blessings.

How Persian New Year Flowers Can Make This Day Memorable?

Flowers are being considered to add Color and fragrance to make every occasion bright and happy. Because. it’s the most affectionate expression of love and happiness. People of all ages loves flowers hence they play an important role in making occasions more cheerful; and bright.

persian new year flowers

Persian New Year Flowers

There is most important activity of this day, called Haft-Seen table. This word is a combination of two Persian words Haft means number Seven and Seen is used for letter “S”. it means to decorate a table with seven items start with letter S. It’s a Persian tradition to decorate the family table with following things:

  1. Sumac (crushed spice of berries) represent sunrise
  2. Seeb (apples) symbolize health and beauty,
  3. Sabzeh (sprouted wheat grass) for rebirth and renewal of nature.
  4. Sir (garlic) and Samanu (wheat pudding) for good health and for fertility and sweetness of life respectively.
  5. Serkeh (vinegar) for patience and age
  6. Senjed (lotus tree sweet dry fruit) for love and affection,

And most important

  1. Sonbol (Flowers), a very special flower called hyacinths to symbolize spring.

In addition to these, some other symbolic items such as a mirror on table symbolizes reflection on the last year, a gold fish in a bowl symbolizes new life, some colored eggs to represent fertility and some coins for prosperity in the New Year. Persian Sofreh can also be used as a backdrop.

Which flowers can make a special addition to this day’s celebrations?

There are so many beautiful flowers to add color to Iranian new year such as Roses, Lilies and Tulips. These can be used to decorate religious ceremonies and make these events look more beautiful and colorful. Best flower to choose on this for decoration or to gift someone special, is Hyacinth, also known as Persian New Year Flower.

This flower gives a secret message to see and wish new year and new life as an endless pool of happiness. A message of hope, positive vision about tomorrow and to enjoy life to its fullest.

What can be a good Persian New Year gift?

There are numerous options to give on new year as gifts like new year gift basket, but some appropriate options for Persian New Year can be:

  • Money
  • Gold Coins
  • GoldFish
  • Sweets
  • Decorative items with Persian Symbolism
  • Flowers

on Nowruz, very good choice to gifted someone  is a Hyacinth flower bouquet. It represents sincerity and can be gifted to anyone in the shape of bouquet or any type of flower arrangement to keep it on their Haft-Seen table.

Nowruz flowers

Nowruz Flowers

Why Hyacinth are the best flowers to gift on Persian New Year?

Every flower type and color have a special meaning to convey from the giver to the receiver. Same as Hyacinth flower has a meaning and also comes in different colors. Each color has a different meaning and symbolize something special.

So before sending the flowers in the shape of bouquet or any other flower arrangement, make sure you understand the message, your flowers are going to convey. Such as:

  • Purple: Before sending the purple colour Hyacinth, make sure you understand the deeper meaning, which is a colour of spirituality and royalty. Purple color also symbolizes sorrow and sometimes forgiveness. So better understand and then choose, who deserves it.
  • White: Someone you loved and someone you want to with success, it’s the best choice. White colour symbolizes purity and innocence. It also means you are directing your prayers towards as a pure gesture of prosperity.
  • Red: Best colour to gift to someone special and close to your heart. It has same meaning as Red Rose. A color of Passion, Love, Romance and strong feelings. Red Hyacinths represent recreation and play time. So indeed, a good choice to choose and decorate your Haft-seen table.
  • Yellow: Not a very good choice to gift someone as Yellow is known as a color of jealousy. But Yellow Hyacinth is a best choice to decorate your table and home on Nowruz. A perfect colour to use for decoration because this way its symbolism won’t be such a big issue.

What are some DIY spring flower basket ideas for Nowruz day?

First day of beautiful season, a lot of flowers options to choose from. Below are the things you’ll be needing to create a colorful Nowruz day basket.

Bunch of Red Roses (to represent love) , white & pink lilies ( purity & prosperity) and White Tulips ( happiness), assemble these on a floral foam with foliage to compliment flowers. add some glitter to make it shine.

What message can i write on the card with flowers to send on Nowruz to make it exciting?

  1. Nowruz Mubarak
  2. Happy Nowruz
  3. Wishing Peace & Prosperity
  4. May the new year be filled with, happiness, prosperity and togetherness.