How To Use Flowers On Chinese New Year

Everyone loves the holidays! We get to celebrate many different holidays at once like Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years. Of course you can send Flowers On Chinese New Year and other occassions. It is really important to broaden our horizon and include even more holidays. There are other wonderful holidays and customs that are celebrated this time of year and if we can’t celebrate it, it’s our job to at least try to honor it in some way. Even though you may think the festivities end after New Year, there is one more holiday you are forgetting that is only a few weeks after, which is the Chinese new year.

Just like we decorate for other holidays like Christmas and New Year, we should also decorate our houses for the Chinese new year, and decorating with flowers is always a reliable and amazing option. You can’t go wrong with flowers! You may wonder, however, what is the flower for Chinese new year and how can I use flowers to honor their traditions and we have answers to those questions and much more!

What are traditional flowers on Chinese new year?

There are many traditional flowers that sell out every year during this time of year, but there are also flowers that correlate to the specific year. The top-selling flowers that are a household staple during this widespread holiday no matter what year are orchids that are used in pretty pastel colors and the vibrant peace blossoms are seen virtually everywhere. Other common flowers used during this season are the beautiful peonies and the narcissus, also known as water fairy flower, elegant addition to any house.

How can I bring some extra luck to my house?

Well, you can incorporate the ever-popular Lucky Bamboo because not only is it a fun and festive addition, it also spreads luck, and who doesn’t want a piece of that! But seriously, the playful shapes the bamboo stalk comes in is the perfect decoration and you can get the most luck out of them by wrapping a red ribbon on your stalks for an impressive piece of art.

Can traditional fruits be used as decoration?

During this season, not only are flowers popular but so are many fruits. Fruits like oranges, grapes, plums, kumquats, and pomelos. You can absolutely incorporate them by putting them in a fruit basket. Also try using them to make a centerpiece for any table. Fruits are a great way to honor the Chinese new year. Not only are they decorations, but tasty too!

What are the lucky flowers for the coming year, Year of the Rat?

Every year has its own array of lucky flowers and for the upcoming year, the Year of the Rat is no exception. The lucky flowers for 2020 are lilies and African violets which are an absolute favorite that is used for decoration and used as another chance to rack in some extra good fortune. They are absolutely breathtaking flowers. These can be used in a wide range of ways such as in a flower vase, or as a centerpiece.

What color should my flowers be?

For 2020, the favorite colors are blue, green, and gold. These are magnificent and bold colors that would look both stunning and would honor the year at the same time. Also, the popular color of anything as you may have already known during this time is red. So, you can also get your flowers in the color red. Try to steer away from the colors yellow and brown. These are the unlucky colors of 2020, but essentially the color choice is up to you. These are just ways to honor 2020, the Year of the Rat.

How can I get my flowers on time?

With only a few weeks left until the Chinese New Year, you may be concerned about when your flowers will arrive. But, there is nothing to fear! We have Chinese new year flower delivery that is speedy and efficient. You can get your flowers on time and don’t have to go from shop to shop to pick out the perfect flowers. We do that for you! How convenient!

How many flowers should I get for the Chinese new year?

The number of flowers is something that is always up to the customer.  You may choose to buy 1 or 1,000, but just like there are lucky colors, there are also lucky numbers. If you want to honor this holiday and take it a step further, then try to get your flowers based on the lucky numbers which are 2 and 3. Try to steer away from the unlucky numbers of 2020 which are 5 and 9. Keep in mind however that these are not restrictions but merely suggestions. So, you may choose to get 4,000 flowers, who’s stopping you!

Have a lovely Chinese New Year 2020!