The weather is awesome, and weddings are being planned and celebrated in full swing. This season brings couples to look out for summer wedding ideas for their big day. Summer is the perfect time to put creative ideas to use as there can be no limit to your creativity and imagination. There are no chilly winds to blow away your wedding décor. Also, there is no snowfall to disrupt your plans.

We have researched and collected some of the best summer wedding ideas that will make your big day a huge success. Read along for top ideas for a summer wedding:

Get creative with lighting

You do not have to spend a fortune on getting expensive chandeliers to decorate the venue. For a summer wedding, get creative and use sky lanterns, hanging lights, candles, twinkling lights, feast on lights, and any other form of creative lights that can bring a sparkle of joy.

Utilize the beach

You can have a beach wedding, try dock for photography, use seashells and all beach-related things to have a fantastic and memorable wedding. It will not only be out-of-the-box but also budget-friendly than renting a venue.

Do not forget the ice cream

No matter how many desserts you have on the menu, ice cream will brighten up the moods of your guests. Old and young alike, everyone loves ice-cream. It would be nice if you can offer a variety of flavors so that invitees can get the one they like.

Why get a boring dance floor?

Spice up things with an unconventional dance floor. You can set up a dance floor outside, decorate it with hanging lights or lanterns, try disco lights, or sparklers.

Flower garlands, garlands, corsages, centerpieces

Bring a breath of freshness and nature to your wedding theme by using flowers everywhere. You can seek help from a florist Aurora or make DIY garlands, crowns, corsages, and boutonnieres for your summer wedding. Try some out-of-the-box summer wedding centerpiece ideas.

Color up your bridesmaids

Instead of choosing soft color tones for your bridesmaids’ dresses, summer is the perfect excuse to dress them up in bright and funky colors. Ask them regarding their color preferences and choose bright colors for their gowns.

Ditch the venue

The weather is favorable for having a wedding at the beach, summer camp, mountain top, or even your backyard. You will need to plan seating, lighting, and other things, but in the end, it will be all worth it.

Try DIY photo props

Have you seen wedding photographs where all the props look the same with only a new couple inside? Bring out the artist in you, watch some video tutorials, and make your DIY photo props. They don’t all have to be flowery and shimmery, try to utilize everyday objects in new ways.

Have a memorable entry and exit

It’s your one-off chance to have a memorable day, and all the attendees should be able to see a grand entry and an even grand exit. You can use ideas like sparklers, background music, floating lanterns, fireworks, and anything else to make your mark on entry as well as exit.

Use plenty of wedding flowers

Summer is a fortunate time of the year when the soon-to-be-wed couple can get a lot of flowers to decorate the venue. Just search for wedding flowers near me, and you will see plenty of florists who have wedding packages. However, our idea is to get wedding flowers from a bulk florist so that you can use them in a variety of ways.

Organize fun games

Summer weddings do not have to follow the standard and boring themes, you can have endless fun by indulging your friends and family in games. Keep everyone involved by having small surprises for the winners. Add a variety of games keeping in view the kind of guests you have.


If you want your guests to remember your wedding, set up a barbecue; it is an easier way of managing the dilemmas of the food menu and is guaranteed to be a super-hit amongst guests.

Get all geared up for a fabulous wedding with these incredible summer wedding ideas. Have fun!

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