Weddings are truly life-changing events that embody the entire concept of togetherness. Some aspects of getting married never change over time and ensuring that those areas remain traditional is imperative to maintaining the history of a tradition. One such area is the flowers. Over time, the bridal bouquet has transformed from a bunch of roses, lilies, or peonies to the magnificent arrangements we now see. For brides-to-be, the mere choice of flowers is one of the most important aspects of the wedding. Instead of getting a professionally made bouquet, DIY flowers for a wedding is becoming more popular with each bride.

Steps to choosing the right wedding flowers

The planning and arrangement that goes into making DIY flowers for a wedding can be a lot. I have outlined 10 best tips-you do not want to miss in choosing the right wedding flowers.

  1. First, you have to decide if you prefer wholesale flowers, bulk flowers, or professionally arranged flowers. There is also the selection of colors, style, type of flowers, the amount that goes into each bouquet and the number of arrangements that are needed, as well as the budget.
  2. If you decide to get bulk flowers, then there are a few things to take into consideration. You can get bulk flowers from several stores. Choose whether you want to shop online or in store. Shopping online for bulk flowers has its drawbacks, as flowers will sometimes be smaller than the actual, it may take a longer time to ship, or the cost can include shipping, which was never accounted for in the budget.
  3. Choosing wholesale flowers also has its pros and cons, as quantities may vary with each store, they may not be exactly what they seemed to be when you imagined it and you may not be able to get what you want in the quantities you need them. You will also have to take into consideration that you may not have the uniqueness that you desire.
  4. The selection of colors is an important aspect for DIY flowers for a wedding, as they will have to be the same color as or complement the outfits for the bridal party. It is better to have a pre-selected color, chosen by all involved to go from and not choose one that one person decided on.
  5. The shape and style of the bouquet can be a great addition to the look of the ensemble. It can be in the shape of a heart, a circle, or any other shape that the bride-to-be chooses, but has to be acceptable by all who are supposed to have one.
  6. The type of flowers that are chosen should reflect the happy time it represents. Many brides choose, without knowing exactly what the flowers symbolize, but just going by what they can afford. This should not be so, as DIY flowers for wedding depict a time of happiness. A time of euphoria and getting Lavender, for example, can dampen the feeling you are supposed to get from the flowers. If you like, a particular flower and it is one that represents another occasion, then bypass it and choose a more appropriate one.
  7. Arrangements can vary from one flower for a bridesmaid to several bunched together. Choose wisely the amount you need for each, so as not to overcompensate and make it too big.
  8. The total number of arrangements should be considered when choosing the type of flower that goes into each. Whether a big or a smaller wedding, the flowers for a wedding should be appropriate for the occasion.
  9. Budgeting for your wedding is important. Even if you decide to splurge on the bride’s flowers, the bridesmaids should be in moderation as they can be very expensive for a one-day use.
  10. Professionally arranged flowers can provide you with an easier option to DIY flowers for a wedding. It may be more expensive, but it takes the hassle out of creating, choosing or even designing wedding flowers.

In conclusion, no single factor goes into choosing the right DIY flowers for a wedding. You must go through a process and ensure that you have selected the one that is right for you. This will not only ensure that you have a beautiful wedding, but your guests will also be pleased with your selection.

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