Shopping for rose petals 

Anytime you are looking for rose petals, you should consider the kind you are looking for. There are several different kinds of rose petals such as silk, fresh and frozen ones. Use them for all occasions and save money.

Silk petals

Silk petals are mostly used for indoors. For example, to cover your bed, a path that steps towards your bedrooms, lining aisles for a wedding, tables, or for throwing on brides and grooms on the day of the wedding ceremony. This kind of petal is more expensive but there is no risk of having fresh ones stain your clothes or floors or for them to cause slipperiness. But many people like to use fresh petals for indoor, especially to cover bridal pathways or to decorate the wedding head table or guest tables.

Fresh rose petals for your wedding

For outdoor, fresh rose petals are the best. All over the world throwing flowers on newlyweds is very common. You can use it on the bride’s pathway and it is a great romantic idea to include with your wedding flowers. Some people use white rose petals as a romantic wedding tradition in their cultures. This is a fun practice for bridesmaids and the wedding party. They love to throw petals on the bride and groom and to decorate a stunning wedding aisle with them.

There are so many different and cool ways to dress up and create your pathway down the aisle with rose petals. Flower girls can carry them in their baskets and drop them along the path as they walk down the wedding aisle. When you want to throw flower petals coordinate with your photographer and videographer so that they document this beautiful moment of tossing. At night before going to bed a romantic and fragrant idea is for brides and grooms to put their engagement rings in a plate full of petals, or jasmine flowers.

For throwing flower petals always have a basket. It is nice to give it to the little flower girl or have paper cones filled with flower petals and give them to bridesmaids who can do throw them during the first bride and groom dance.

Rose petals are inexpensive

Depending on quantity, the price of petals can be varied. Large quantities are cheaper than smaller ones. 12 Cups or 700 petals are needed more or less to cover 12 square feet. Rose petals are available at Toronto Bulk Flowers for any occasions.

Rose petal colors for different occasions

Each color of petals is used for different occasions. For example, red rose petals are quite fragrant and velvety which are perfect for proposals, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, birthdays or table decoration at weddings. You can use pink petals for baby girl showers, bridal showers and birthdays. Yellow rose petals can be used for graduation, surprise baby showers, and get-together brunches. Please be careful when using petals in any color, especially red, since they can stain. Sometimes rose petals are used as sympathy flowers to cover the grave of a loved one, and it is more economical than flower vase arrangements or basket arrangements. Always make sure to buy your rose petals as wholesale flowers for the most affordable prices.

Do your homework before throwing petals

While throwing petals is a great tradition, when you’re prepping your wedding day at the Church you must first consider some points. You must be careful of the rules in your church or venue. Some places do not allow for petal throwing.

Even though, some venues do not allow the use of flower petals inside the building. It is much better to note whether the venue allows for rose petal throwing during a ceremony. At some places, flower petals may be used outside of buildings only. Most wedding planners know the rules at different venues or churches. Otherwise, you should inquire and know about it in advance. Find out this information ahead of time, so you are not disappointed. And it’s better to be safe than simply just going there and using rose petals.

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Meaning of rose petals

White rose petals are the signature of purity and innocence. Red rose petals signify love and romance. Yellow rose petals mean happiness, joy, and friendship. Purple rose petals are a sign of glory, sophistication, royalty, and elegance. Pink rose petals say, “thank you” and are a sign of appreciation of one another and friendship. Orange rose petals represent passion and attraction. Peach petals are an expression of modesty and hope for the future.

By: Mateen Rokhsefat, lead content marketing at Toronto Bulk Flowers