Family Day is celebrated in some countries around the world, while it is a national holiday in other countries. Family Day (Canada) is coming on Monday, 17th February 2020. So, for those of you that don’t know what Family Day is, it is simply a holiday to celebrate your family. You can and should absolutely celebrate Family Day however way you would like because that is up to you and your family after all.

What do Canadians do on Family Day?

There is no better way to celebrate Family Day weekend than taking or sending flowers for your family members. Flowers represent endless symbols and mean all good things, There is absolutely no way that you can go wrong with flowers. Any member of the family will love the effort that you have gone through to get them flowers and they will be even more thrilled to receive them.

Can I celebrate Family Day with friends?

You can absolutely spend Family Day with whoever you want. Whoever that you consider being your family whether it be a best friend, colleague, family friend, a school friend, a childhood friend, or anyone.

What flowers should I give on Family Day?

This question has endless possibilities and answers. There is no one correct answer for this. There are so many different beautiful flower options to choose from, not to mention that buying flowers depends on so many different factors that can determine what flowers to gift for Family Day.

Basically, it all depends on knowing your family members. So, buying flowers gives you another advantage. That advantage is that you have to know your family members to buy them flowers. So, if you choose flowers based on your family members.

Is it better to give a flower or to give a proper bouquet?

Either way, the person will appreciate the effort to give them Family Day Flowers. A flower is a special and meaningful symbol, whereas a bouquet can be arranged with many different flower options.

Do different flowers have different meanings?

Not many people are aware of this, but yes, flowers do represent different morals. In fact, there are too many symbols and flowers to count! The list goes on and on.

Some examples of flowers and their meanings are amazing:

  • Asters represent patience.
  • Calla lilies represent magnificence and beauty.
  • Carnations represent pride and beauty.
  • Marvelous orchids represent exotic beauty.
  • Astonishing roses represent love.


Flowers should I get for my significant other?

Keep in mind, any flower can be given to a significant other, but we have some ideas for you. Of course, the iconic, ever-popular, majestic, sweet rose can definitely be given. Because of movies, shows, media, and overall entertainment, roses have become the definition of love and are recognized more than any other flower. You can use it to convey a simple, yet meaningful message to your loved ones.

Or, you can go with amazing carnations because they also are very popular flowers that can help you say “I love you” to the person whom you love most. White carnations represent pure love and good luck, light red carnations represent admiration, dark red carnations represent deep love and affection, and more.

Can I choose flowers to my parents?

You can choose flowers like roses and carnations to display your love for your parents. Or you can opt for flowers that show your appreciation and gratitude. So, for your mother, you can give hydrangeas, lilies, daisies, orchids, or tulips. They symbolize values, such as gratitude, love, beauty, purity, and more. For your father, you can give white and red roses, chrysanthemums, or sunflowers.

Happy Family Day and do not forget to order flowers for the special people in your life!