Fall is the season which marks the shift of summer into winter. In Canada, the fall season arrives around September when the temperature becomes considerably cold, so you might wonder how are you going to have an outdoor wedding? It is where most of the inspirational fall wedding ideas come to play.

If you have a fall wedding coming up and you have some questions in mind regarding the fall wedding ideas; then we have got you all the answers to your questions to make your wedding perfect:

Are fall weddings a good idea?

Why go for a fall wedding when you can have it in the summer. Fall wedding plans also bring along the question and how can I find a variety of wedding flowers near me? Do not forget that fall wedding is the most gorgeous option among all other seasons.

The trends of fall weddings with the warm colors of flowers, crisp air, changing leaves and excessive decoration options make fall season a perfect time to get married with amazing flare. People planning for a fall wedding get major inspiration from flowers and natural colors. Also, the chosen florist Toronto gets to show their creative insight with various fall wedding flowers.

For an outdoor wedding, the fall season has its own charisma when the ground is filled with shedding leaves, and the beautiful flowers save the day with their elegance, aroma, beauty, and colors.

What are the trending ideas for fall weddings?

The fall season is characterized by falling leaves, and weddings are all about flowers – when these two are combined for wedding decorations, some of the amazing new trends take place. Wild looking, freshly picked bouquets lead to floral tabletop arrangements.

Trending floral decoration for a fall wedding can include wheat greens, succulents, eucalyptus, bay leaf branches, and acacia. For the wedding color schemes, burgundy and plum colors are ruling with tiers of cake with floral designs and sugar flowers.

What are some budget-friendly ideas for weddings in the fall?

The first thing to keep in mind while planning for a wedding is to keep the expenses within budget. You can easily do this by avoiding more guests, asking your friends to avoid boxed gifts, have a ceremony at a beautiful outdoor spot and get the catering done on your own.

Weddings are once in a lifetime event, for that you need an excellent photographer and a budget-friendly floral decoration to remember this day forever. You can ask your friend with a professional camera for the photography, and you can have a lovely deep green backdrop of Lilac and Hellebores as a photo prop for giving the perfect artistic array of pink and purple color.

What are the advantages of having a wedding in the fall?

Fall weddings are gaining popularity for good reasons. Autumn celebrations provide an innovative color palette. You can enjoy the seasonal ingredients and bold florals; fall flowers have their irresistible charm. You can use all the gorgeous varieties of Lilies, Marigold, Cherry Blossom, Tulip, Garden Rose, Cosmo and colorful Dahlias from a bulk florist.

You get to enjoy unforgettable photos for your entire life. Fall season is just the right weather to have an outdoor wedding. You will get to experience cozy textiles and textures while enjoying the delicious seasonal ingredients.

What are the disadvantages of having a wedding in the fall? 

The weather during this season is quite unpredictable; so, to avoid any surprises from the Mother Nature for an extremely cold or hot day, people tend to avoid weddings in the fall season. The aesthetics are limited in this season; the weddings, however, are lovely, but the arrangement options indoor are not much striking. If you don’t want to pigeonhole the big day, it is recommended that you do it in early fall. You should not delay it to the latter half of the fall season.

What colors are most suitable for fall weddings?

Having a wedding in the fall season is about bringing a sense of richness and coziness to the big day. Fall wedding colors such as yellow, hot pink, wine, blue, brown, green and plum are the best colors that you can wear. Choosing fall wedding colors is a challenge; to feel stylish and trendy you can have a palette with a combination of beautiful flowers.

A mix up of copper and merlot with dahlia & peach garden rose. If you are going for plum, green and ivory, you can opt for either smoke bush & peony or garden rose, nigella & Lisianthus. These are perfect combinations for fall wedding ideas.

What wedding themes are best for fall weddings?

Cozy drinks around the bonfire, relatively cooler temperature outdoor and the seasonal production pair perfectly with natural decorations including your favorite seasonal flower decorations. The most popular themes for fall weddings are the natural setting themed photo booth, fall table linens of rust colors, outdoor fall wedding décor with barrels and pumpkin.

You can also try to stash your favorite fall florals in a galvanized vase. Also, try other ideas like pumpkin seating cards. Fall wedding boutonnieres give an autumnal twist, and outdoor venues in fall are unbeatable.

What are trending ideas for fall weddings 2019?

With the latest emerging trends for fall weddings, you can make your fall wedding super successful. Take your aisle to the next level with romantic fall flowers. A unique idea is a floral touchup bar; undoubtedly, it is going to be a big hit. As all the guests don’t get to eat the 3-4 tiered cake, so customized mini cakes with guests’ names on them. This is going to be the new trend to make your wedding a sensation.

Fall temperature allows for heaps of stunning fall wedding themes. Embrace the bounties of the fall season with these top trending ideas for fall weddings 2019.