Flower girls are one of the most charming elements of a wedding. ‘Oh, she is so adorable!’, if you have been to a wedding, you know this compliment is not just for the bride. Before the bride hears these compliments, those beautifully dressed, fashionable little ladies are the ones who get showered with these compliments. They appear truly heavenly holding buckets of flowers, acting as a signboard of an announcement that the bride is ready to walk down the aisle.

Regardless you have a wedding planner or you are planning it yourself, you would want the best to be photographed on your big day. There are a lot of things which you need to know about the flower girls so that everything goes as per the plan. Here is a quick brief you must know while selecting these little angles for your big day.

What is the role of flower carrying girls?

The traditional reason for having these little friends on your wedding day is that they walk down the aisle before the maid of honor. The task assigned to these girls is to hold flowers or flower petals that they will scatter on the aisle before the bride walks in. A little boy is usually accompanying them, serving as a ring bearer, who carries the rings of the couple.

If you wish to improvise, you can ask the girl(s) to scatter things other than flowers, like gems, sparkles, candies or sweets. If you are fortunate to have multiple girls for this purpose, not all of them have to scatter heaps; either they can share the number of flowers or some can just hold beautiful things, while the others scatter flower petals.

Let them know that their role is so important that the wedding procession cannot commence without them, nor can the bride enter.

What’s the perfect age for these pretty ladies?

Flower girls age should be from a reasonable bracket. Girls under the age of 2 would be too young to understand what they are supposed to do for the big day; whereas the girl above ten might not be too comfortable to act as your girl. So look for an ideal age between 3 and 8. This age bracket is mature enough to understand their responsibility and young enough to enjoy being the center of attention during a wedding.

Who should be your girl(s)?

She must be from your close family or friends circle. Only then she would be familiar with the faces who are going to be around her without her parents being there. She must be comfortable to stay around you and your bridesmaids and practice a couple of times so that on the big day, everything is perfect walking down the aisle ceremony.

Take these new besties to showers and also to wedding rehearsals so that they know what to expect on the big day. Keep these tips in mind for a successful wedding day.

How they should get dressed?

Usually, the flower girl dresses are a version of the bride’s dress; but that’s a trend, not a mandatory ritual. Yes, it will look mesmerizing, having the little ones dressed similar to bride or bridesmaids dresses but it should be approved from the young ones. Their beautiful dresses are equally important for them as well and if they are not comfortable wearing a white gown like the bride’s, let them wear whatever makes them feel beautiful.

Comfort is a huge factor. While they look super cute in a dress does not mean that they will be comfortable carrying it as well. You definitely do not want a whining child ruining the big moment or complaining during the photo shoot that she wants to take the dress off. Their parents should always carry a spare pretty dress, in case there is an issue with the primary one or it gets dirty.

How many girls should be there holding flowers?

There is no standard practice that guides how many girls should be chosen and usually it is the brides who get to decide who and how many girls will be chosen for this task. However, wedding planners suggest having more than 1 girl because they look gorgeous. It is also not a huge expense factor to add a few little girls, so why not ask some cuties?

Also, their age makes them so unpredictable. They can watch the crowd and get all nervous. Any girl can declare that she is not going to walk in front of so many people, or even worse she might start crying. Who would want to see a crying girl being nudged to walk in front of the bride? So, to foresee and tackle situations like this, it is advisable to have more than one girls ready for the ceremony so that you have a backup.

Young girls of age 2 to 8 need to have a good friendly company. Do not forget that they are merely cute little girls and they need to have a good company to feel comfortable in their own skin. So a good idea would be to have more than 1 flower girl chosen for the big day. A bunch of activities can be planned for these young girls to keep them occupied and happy until they do the honor of walking the bride down the aisle.

How they get trained?

A girl of this age bracket would love to learn a new kind of walk they can perform during a wedding. While holding a beautifully crafted bucket, full of flowers and leading their favorite person. It is important to build a friendly relationship with this young one.

So, make them understand their job better. Practice the walk with the girls and show them how easy is that walk. Additionally, it is important to prepare them in advance that there are going to be lots of people. All eyes are going to be on her. Let her know that she is extraordinarily beautiful. So, having a lot of people look at her should not be an issue.

Another important consideration is to take different photos with them. This way, they can see the fun side of it. On the wedding day, they will happily appear in photos with you. In this way, you will not end up convincing them to take pictures with you on the wedding day.

Who should buy their dress?

While the bride is supposed to ask little ones (or their parents) for the honor, the usual practice is that the girl’s parents will get (or pay for) her dress. A bride has a say in the chosen dress because she wants all girls to appear the same or similar.

Who gets flowers for these divine ladies?

The dress is their parents’ responsibility, but the bride has to arrange their flowers. Do not forget the buckets too. When you are ordering other wedding flowers, always remember to get flower girl toss.

Which flowers look best for these girls?

Don’t forget the flowers because flower girl flowers are the important ornament they are going to hold on the big day. Be sure, they go well with the dresses and the beautiful girls. There are endless choices and it is decided by the choice of the wedding couple. You can opt for flowers that go well with the overall wedding theme, or you can opt for any trending flowers of the season.

Normally, the brides want their little girls to scatter rose petals on the aisle. Red rose petals are the best sellers for their flowers but there are numerous other color petals available too, like orange, pink, white and assorted ones too. Another popular choice is to choose flowers that are of the same color as the dresses of these heavenly creatures.

How many flowers do you need to get for them?

This depends on the size of the basket when you are buying the basket, you can ask for the ideal number that fits in there. For a standard basket, 500 petals should serve the purpose. You can show the basket to your local florist and they will be able to give you a professional opinion regarding how many flowers you would need for a particular basket.

Are rose petals the only choice for their baskets?

Depending on preference or budget constraints, you can opt for petals of other flowers too. If you have multiple flower girls, you can also decide to give some of the bouquets, while the others scatter petals. However, the bouquets are best for the maid of honor and bridesmaid. Petals are the traditions for these young ones.

Why do they throw petals?

We all see these adorable little beings scattered flowers on the aisle where the bride is going to tread. However, have you wondered why they do so? Besides looking great in pictures, it serves as a symbol of love of the bride for the groom. Treading a flowery path symbolizes a prayer that the bride’s married life be easy.