Nature is a wonderful thing! It produces so much beauty, and luckily for you, some of this beauty can be held in a vase for your convenience. Introducing flowering plants, astonishing flowers with magnificent vases to add a sophisticated touch to your house. If your house is sophisticated enough, flowering plants would be great as a gift!

On your desk, as a centerpiece, at the front entrance, no matter where you put it, a vase of flowers will be a great addition. Here at Toronto Bulk Flowers, you can find majestic flowers fit for any home for affordable prices. The prices might just be the only thing better than the flowers themselves!

What makes flowering plants so special?

Flowering plants are plants that are specially curated to be centerpieces, and they are sure to wow the crowd. They aren’t just any bouquet placed in a pot. Rather they are plants that are sure to stun with their simplicity and elegance. The best part is that they come in amazing and stunning varieties, which are more than your basic roses and tulips.

What are the flowering plants?

Flowering plants are delightful flowers that come in containers that can range from simple pots to amazing baskets. There are many options to choose from as your bases, such as glass jars and wooden jars. Whatever suits your fancy!

Since they are flowering plants, they do not require extensive maintenance, and they will last a lot longer than a standard bouquet as they are rooted in soil. Just make sure to water it regularly! Be sure to keep in mind that even too much of a good thing is bad. So, be wary not to water your flowers too much either!

What flowering plants do we offer?

We offer more than the timeless yet overused flowers, such as roses and daisies. We use different varieties of flowers which will be new to you and your guests. These brilliant species of flowers will intrigue everyone who beholds them as they are unique flowers with new features that you may not have seen in flowers before. There are one or two of them which are difficult to pronounce too! The flowering plants we offer are:

  1. Cymbidium orchid plant
  2. Opulent orchids
  3. Phalaenopsis orchids plant
  4. White orchid planter
  5. Fragrant gardenia blooms
  6. Miniature rose plant (don’t worry, there is a rose option for you rose lovers still!)

What other gifts can I get for a nature lover?

If you want to gift a piece of nature to your friends or family but want to get a little creative, you can opt to get a fruit basket of flowers. This would be perfect for a gardener or nature lover who has already received a bouquet or plant from or someone who you would just like to surprise further.

You can also just get them a regular gift basket with other nature related goodies that they would equally enjoy. These are just extra ideas for multiple gifts you can get year after year so that you don’t run out of gift ideas. It doesn’t even have to be a gift basket of food because GTA baskets have a large variety of baskets so that you will be sure to find at least one that you and the recipient of the basket will absolutely adore.

What comes with the flowering plants?

With every single flowering plant purchase, you have the option to add on a full-sized card for a small fee. This will be a great idea if you choose to ship flowering plants directly to someone as a gift or to yourself to personally deliver to a lucky person.

Either way, please be sure to be safe and to remember that your gesture will be appreciated, whether it is hand-delivered or whether it is delivered via the mail service.

What comes with a gift basket?

Every gift basket comes with the option to include a few different add-ons that you can choose from for a small fee based on the preference of the person for who you are purchasing. These gift baskets allow you to choose the addition of a teddy bear in the sizes of small, medium, and large for someone who is a kid at heart.

Every gift basket allows you to add on chocolate to your gift basket in the sizes of small, medium, and large for someone who loves chocolates and all sweets. The last add-on you can choose to include in our gift basket is balloons which come in the quantities of one, three or five for an extra special touch to your perfect gift basket.

Avail the delivery option

We know how great it would be to see your loved one’s face upon hand-delivering their wonderful present, but it may not be possible every time. Understandably, it can be difficult, so we have made it easier for you to show your love to someone who is stuck elsewhere.

We offer a delivery and curbside pickup for your convenience and to protect our lovely customers. If you do choose to hand-deliver your gift basket or a flowering plant to a loved one who lives nearby, please be sure to be safe by wearing a face mask to protect you and the other person and be sure to observe enough distance.

Stay safe and have fun, everyone!