You can already smell it! The sun touching your soul deeply with brighter sunlight and the baby flowers blossoming around you. All this is making you realize that the beginning of the spring is around the corner. The first day of Spring or Spring Equinox will be celebrated on March 19th in the year 2020.

The History of Spring Equinox

The Equinox occurs when the Earth tilts a bit towards or away from the sun (twice a year). The beginning of Spring or Spring Equinox is the official beginning day of spring in many countries. The beginning of the spring is celebrated around the globe in a different way. Some of the religions celebrate the first day of spring as the beginning of the astronomical year such as Iranian’s celebrate it as Nowruz, Jewish celebrate Passover, Pagan calls it Ostara and in Canada is celebrated as the official beginning of spring.

How is Spring Equinox Celebrated?

There are several ways the first day of spring can be celebrated in various religions, countries and various ways. There may be some rituals of each country or religion associated with the first day of spring which have been passed on from ancestors. Also, there may be custom activities that you can do based on your preferences.

You are not supposed to do everything; rather choose the best one out of the available ideas to make the beginning of the spring a preservable memory for you, family and friends around you. You can do anything from:

  1. Cherish the first day of spring by listening to some good music. It may not sound like a ritual to do, and is optional. Starting the first day of spring on some good tunes will help you cherish your mood and let others do the same when you play some good beats for them.
  2. Praise nature by arranging a walk or a trip to a nearby natural scenery or a park full of flowers. The best way to see spring and the color of nature is to actually go out there and see it.
  3. Have some colorful food on your table and invite friends & family over to celebrate the first of the spring together. Share happiness and give best wishes to each other to stay happy not just on the first day of spring but to stay the same the whole year.

What are other ways to spend Spring Equinox?

  1. Plan your day around doing some creative crafts like making gift baskets. Do don’t need to have a creative mind to be part of crafts making activity. All you need to have is the passion for spending a good time with family. Make sure these memories are kept for some time (at least till the next first day of the spring). You can keep the crafts saved, frames or hanged in your drawing. It will remind you of how beautifully you celebrated the first day of Spring 2020.
  2. Use spring flowers from your garden or get a bunch of flowers from a nearby flower shop. Bring it home or take it to the friend or family that you are visiting on the first day of spring. Flowers are yet the best colorful option to accompany you when you are going to celebrate the beginning of these colors. Show your loved ones how blossomed or colorful life is if celebrated in the right way.

You can plan a perfect start to the first day of spring by combining any of these activities and show your love to nature as well as the loved ones. Happiest celebrations are those where your loved ones get the chance to sit together. Live some memorable moments together. No matter what you plan for celebrating the first day of spring, make sure that you accompany your finds, family, and neighbors to celebrate with you.

What are flowers that we must take on the First Day of Spring?

Fully blossomed flowers all around are the true indication of the first day of the spring. There is no doubt each flower holds own value, beauty and add visual pleasure to human eyes. Yet there are some flowers that are especially associated with the Spring Equinox. Hence, these flowers must be in your consideration to take them with you on the first day of the spring. You may have your own reason to pick a bunch of flowers depending upon the reason you are picking them up:

  • Roses need no introduction and no second thought when you are planning to show some extra love to the special one you are meeting on the first day of spring.
  • Tulips one of the most affordable and with most variant color options. Consider them when celebrating the first day of spring. You can choose one color bunch or make a colorful bouquet of flowers to accompany you when visiting your loved one on the first day of Spring celebrations. You can bring a bunch to home as well if you are the one hosting a color gathering at home.
  • Daffodils are another Spring season flower. They can help you cherish the first day of the spring using the beautiful daffodils. Bringing the season’s specialty to celebrate the beginning of the season definitely is the best choice when it comes to deciding what you should be taking to the festivity of the first day of the spring.

Is buying flowers the only option?

Not really, you can also have a garden set up at home. Plant your flowers of the season and pick them on the first day of Spring celebrations and use them whatever way you like to use them. Flowers can also be used to making crafts. Dry them and use the preservatives to let your crafts stay alive for many months to come.

You can couple the flowers with season’s fresh fruits or vegetable cooked dishes and celebrate the first day of Spring 2020 together this time.