COVID-19 has made this summer so dull. If you want to bring the joys of summer back, try FTD summer flowers as they will never fail to showcase freshness and vitality. With the new social and administrative rules in place, it is unclear when will be able to enjoy shopping at malls or coffee in restaurant patios. With 20th June as the official first day of summer in Canada, one thing which Canadians can immediately enjoy and cherish is the Summer Flower range by FTD.

Start of Summer and Flowers

The easy to care flowers in summer stand out because of their striking blooms and beauty. Though most varieties of summer flowers only blossom for a short period of time. However, with their bright and attractive colors, these are great to liven up any space or mood.

Extended sunshine to plants results in bold colors, alluring aromas, and slicker texture. People around the world are adjusting to missing quite a few things already. This summer season lesser possibilities of outings, get together, and fun activities are already on the cards. But as always, a complete range of flowers can be obtained to live through the long days of summer.

Start of Summer and COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things; celebrating the start of the season in this summer is going to be different for sure. People across Canada have already adapted to a lot of new ways to continue working and living at home. There will be a lot less of gatherings, participation in trips outside, and collective actions.

Considering the situation, here are some of the ways through which summer can certainly still be enjoyed:

  1. Outdoor exercises:

Though gyms and fitness clubs have closed their doors, however workouts and exercising outside is still a good option to keep oneself active and fit. Weather remains pleasant, and one can easily build a routine to follow for going outside and enjoying the beauty of natural flowers.

  1. Explore online business options:

Only a handful of businesses and work options remained open during the pandemic. A lot of businesses have transformed into doing business online. It is a great time to explore the options available to get the things done using this option and engage in activities halted due to COVID-19 spread.

  1. Get your gifts delivered

Many people have treated each other to ease the anxiety and stress of being unable to engage during the lockdown. This is a great way of showing one’s recollection of others during these difficult times. Sending gifts is still available to keep the relations and love alive by sharing the small gesture of care and support.

More Options For This Summer

  1. Discover new possibilities

Daily routines and schedules sometimes make it difficult to explore options when it comes to music, books, and spending time productively at home. A little effort spent to discuss new possibilities can go a long way in improving our collections and bringing us to a whole range of material never thought before

  1. Get geared up with hobbies

Starting new hobbies is always difficult and exciting at the same time. There is no better time for focusing efforts and getting help from others to engage in healthy activities at home.

  1. Celebrate occasions from a distance

One should not let lockdown and pandemic to stop celebrating a special day during this time period. It will not be the usual festivity of a birthday while being unable to go out. However, a healthy gift on this occasion to a loved one can still be delivered to make the day special.

  1. Take care of your wellness

Try to experiment with new methods of keeping home and workplace bright while effectively following the guidelines to minimize the incidence of Cronoavirus contraction. Maintaining a healthy and hydrated body, mental wellness and calmness are the essentials for this summer.

The above are just a few examples that can be taken up to cherish summer this year. A number of actions are certainly possible to remain contented and engaged. As pandemic has already shown, it is paramount to stay connected to keep oneself stable during the lockdown.

Keeping the connection and making time for others to get in touch is important to live through this time of uncertainty. Sharing one’s warmth to a sick person by sending the person flowers, sharing moments online, or having a family dinner, all these gestures will certainly go a long way in keeping the relationships alive.

Top Three Must Have Summer Flowers to Get this Season:

Sun Flower – No introduction is needed for these big and bold flowers. Representing longevity and loyalty as the sun, these are a must to get this and every other summer

Peonies – Deeply embedded in Greek myths, these symbolize good fortune and riches. Available in a range of colors, these are best to be placed in the main halls to brighten up the surroundings.

Carnations – These are famous for representing love, care and affection. Most sought after colors of Carnations are red and pink. Carnations are commonly known as ‘I miss you’ flowers and widely presented to loved ones to signify admiration, craving and demonstrate that someone is unforgettable.

FTD summer flowers can certainly brighten up this unusual summer.