Gerbera Daisy White is a beautiful flower that makes a complete beautiful bouquet on its own. The creamy white blooms are usually a good size to be noticed and cherished. They can enliven any space with their beauty and charm.

The flower is in fifth place as the mainly used cut flower in flower arrangements on various occasions. This makes it an important commercial flower too. The white color is another reason, as it can be used for both formal and casual occasions without putting in much effort and thought.

The two-lipped petals in each floret seem to make an endless circle of white beauty captivating the onlookers. The hundreds of small individual capitulum making up each flower give it a dense appearance. The cut flowers of Gerbera Daisy White are widely used in various floral arrangements. Their long stems make them ideal for vertical arrangements. A few cut flowers can easily dress up long neck vases. The accompanying fuzzy leaves can complete the look without any further addition.

Gerbera Daisy White is highly recommended by Toronto Bulk Flowers for wide arrangements as they take up enough space. They can also be used as fillers to create balance in a floral arrangement. The subtle white color is ideal for a wedding theme as it can get along with any color scheme. The flowers themselves can be the focal point or act in combination with other colors and flowers. They tend to look great with other plants like hyacinth, anemones etc.

The long term vase life of Gerbera Daisy White is another reason for their popularity as wholesale flowers. With proper care and feasible conditions like moderate room temperature, they can easily last for two weeks. Although they can endure a high temperature just as well. Keep them well hydrated, with fresh water, preferably on alternate days, for a longer lasting freshness. For proper maintenance, trim off the browning leaves from time to time and enjoy the beautiful blooms for longer.

The plant itself is also very popular as a decorative plant in home gardens. These impressive flowers can be easily spotted among bulk flowers at the florists.