Congrats Grad! If your loved one or friend just graduated, one of the best ways to congratulate them would be to surprise them with a beautiful celebratory bouquet. It doesn’t matter whether they have graduated high school, middle school, or college because they will truly appreciate the gesture and thought.

Graduation flowers are one of the best gifts you can give since they are so versatile and can be turned into anything like a centerpiece, decoration, etc. Of course, you can also get a bouquet, which will be perfectly fine as well!

Graduating in Covid-19

Having graduated from any grade or school is a happy time for everyone and especially for the person who has just graduated. They will feel relieved and joyful for having completed this milestone in their lifetime.

Now, we understand that because of Covid-19 social distancing guidelines, some schools may have canceled graduations or have had many restrictions. In some cases, there may have been a limit on how many guests can be brought, so if you were unable to attend, you could still show how proud you are of your grad by getting them the perfect graduation flowers.

Which are the best graduation flowers to get?

The best graduation flowers depend on what the graduate likes or prefers in flowers. If you know that they like roses, get them roses! However, if the graduate does not have a particular preference or is appreciative of all flowers, here are some of the best flowers to gift:

  1. Bright and colorful flowers are a great choice to gift on this joyous occasion to keep spirits lively and fun. You can choose flowers that come in a great color variety such as roses, lilies, and tulips because you can get great color choices and can even mix and match colors within the bouquet.
  2. Orchids are a great choice as orchid leis are popular options as congratulatory gifts. The most popular color choice is purple, white, and green. You can also just send an orchid plant so that it can symbolize the start of a new chapter of the graduate’s life.
  3. Roses! Roses are a classic and timeless choice which everyone loves and are fit for every occasion. You can choose a classic color of white and red or you can choose colorful flowers such as yellow or orange to give a crazy and fun pop of color.
  4. The last choice would be if you know of the graduate’s preferred flower and are confused about what color to choose. You can go with classic, timeless colors like red and white, or you can choose to correlate your bouquet with the colors of your graduate’s school. It will be a fun and specialized touch!

What else can I gift on graduation?

Another great idea for a gift if you don’t want to give graduation flowers would be to give your graduate a gift basket. A gift basket is a great idea if you know the person would rather have other items that are not a flower or are not necessarily fans of flowers. Either way, you can gift them a gift basket based on their likes. You are sure to find something that will be perfect for them or perfect for their future.

If they love junk food, sweets, coffee, you name it. You can find the perfect gift basket for them. A gift basket is a great idea because it comes with a variety of things and isn’t just flowers. They could come with chocolates, with a cup, with a balloon. The best option out of gift baskets and bouquets would be to gift them both!

How can I give them my gifts?

Since most of us are under social distancing and stay at home orders, it is best to follow them to protect you, the person you are visiting, and anyone else who you can possibly transmit the virus to.

We highly encourage you to send your congratulations over the phone, in zoom call, in a letter, etc. just as long as you and your loved ones are staying safe. Most services are allowing delivery services or curbside pickup, and this would be a great choice so that you can deliver your gifts straight to the graduate.

You could also deliver it to yourself and opt to hand-deliver it, however, we would advise against this unless the graduate lives close. Also, you should take the necessary precautions, such as keeping 6 feet apart and wearing face masks.

Avail delivery services

Check with the service from which you are ordering your bouquets and gift baskets to see if they deliver first. The best option would be to deliver your gifts right to the graduate’s door. Although you may not be able to see their reaction first hand, you could always get their family member to film it for you or get a picture.

Either way, if you see their reaction or not, you will know that they appreciate your efforts to congratulate them amidst a pandemic when the world is a bit of chaos. Sending these gifts would be best for a loved one whose graduation has been canceled or has been done in a separate format such as online to cheer them up.