Chrysanthemum Spray Daisy Purple tends to be a low maintenance flower, hence making it a good choice for floral arrangements on different events. The cut flowers in bunches can be easily managed and kept for days.

A single bunch of Chrysanthemum Spray Daisy Purple is enough to add a dash of much-needed color and brightness to an otherwise dull and quiet room. Each bunch has an average of 4 to 5 flowers, which is quite a good number to fill a vase with only a few green leaves or trellis added to it. Even its own fresh green foliage can make it stand out well on its own. Simply get rid of any yellowing leaves and trim the outer petals if they are getting brown or wilting, leaving behind only fresh crisp flowers accompanying bright green leaves. Keeping them away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat also helps to lengthen their vase life.

The buds can last up to 10 to 12 days easily which makes Chrysanthemum Spray Daisy Purple worth the time and money spent on them. They can be a favorable choice for wedding decor as these blooms offer a striking contrast to white furniture or marquee on top. They can also serve as a splash of color in a white setting on a birthday party or even in casual day to day setting. These flowers will look amazing with unusual treatment like placed in a wide bowl as a centerpiece. For a vintage look, arrange them with fresh herbs trellis falling out with bunches of Chrysanthemum Spray Daisy Purple arranged artistically within. Adding ribbons to the bouquet can also help to create a different look.

The best thing is that they are available in different sizes at Toronto Bulk Flowers like the small ones known as button mums, the clustered ones commonly known as Poms and spray ones with multiple flowers on each stem. The smaller bulk flowers can be a very good option to be used as fillers in a bigger arrangement. The wholesale flowers rates will enable you to create elaborate settings within your limited budget.