A baby breath bouquet is one of the most affordable options for use in a wedding. Baby breath is normally used as filler for other arrangements, but used alone; they can be a beautiful creation. Some of the ways in which you can use baby breath include; as decoration on your wedding cake, you can decorate a table, window, use as a corsage, on a boutonniere, on a curtain, on the tiers of your wedding cake holder, or even create an amazing floral monogrammed arrangement for your spouse and yourself. There are no limits to the ways in which you can use this delicate spray of flowers.

You can say you will get your baby breath bouquet from a “flower shop near me,” or choose to buy them as wholesale flowers from Florist Toronto. There are other ways in which you can use your flowers, including as decoration for a baby shower, a bridal shower or even an engagement party. Birthday parties should not be excluded either as there is a need for beautiful decorations there as well. Use baby breath flowers in a vase, or wine bottle to add a look of elegance to your party. You can go a step further by spray-painting them and placing them on each table. This adds a colorful twist to otherwise white baby breath. If you do each table in a different color it will give you great conversation pieces.

Flower shops will create masterpieces with a baby breath bouquet and create displays to show how many different ways you can use them in your decorating endeavors. It all depends on you and what your aim is, concerning the flower you choose. If you are on a budget, or are trying to find an economical way to showcase your baby breath then you can do so with creative, yet trendy designs that will show just how versatile your baby breath can be.

If you choose to use your baby breath bouquet as a bridal bouquet and have several bridesmaids who get one, they will look breathtaking when you look back at the photos and see them lined up in your bridesmaids’ hands. Gone are the days when the only choice for a bridal bouquet is an expensive flower, because this shows that even an event that is as sophisticated as a wedding can be accentuated with the use of economically priced baby breath.

Decorate the aisle, decorate your chair, table, make a wreath, in fact, anywhere you wish to decorate can be done so with baby breath. When you think of using baby breath in your decor, there are endless possibilities. The uniformity of the color and flowers can add an elegant look to your space, if uniformity is not to your taste then add other types of flowers to the decor, whether of similar types or different. Choose cute vases, small or big, fancy bottles or vases and create your display piece with smaller pieces similarly done to see the effect.

Some of the best uses of baby breath are to do a hairpiece, wrap them in strings with bows at the top, or decorate individual baskets with them. If you have a square basket then the four corners will look beautiful with baby breath, especially if its for a little girl and has a bow tied to it. A baby breath bouquet can be added to a patio to promote creativity and encourage thought flow. If you wish to add it to an area where children play, or hang out, then small pieces can be added above their heads with greenery, or you can create a floating bouquet which hangs from strings.

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