There is no way you can ever go wrong with a rustic floral arrangement. There are endless flower arrangements ideas that you can decide to incorporate in your wedding plan, or you can keep it as simple as you like. From centerpieces to decor, from flower arrangements to bridal dress, you can turn everything into country style wedding for your big day.

A rustic arrangement of flowers is trending for which occasions?

These arrangements are mostly used in weddings as wedding planners love to make their clients happy with country-style themes and related material. There is a lot of inspiration available online for DIY arrangements of countryside weddings that couples can use to make their wedding different.

However, country-style wedding weddings are not the only type of event that uses such flower arrangements; they are also common for parties of all kinds. Balls, Galas, and fundraisers are also increasingly reverting to such type of flower arrangements. While this may not be a common theme for a kid’s birthday, but it can be a good option for a grown-up person’s birthday party.

Use of rustic flower arrangements can also be employed skilfully in meetings, gatherings, seminars, VIP shows, networking events, and a lot of other kinds of occasions. The only thing to keep in mind is to customize the arrangement according to the type of event and its audience, and not to overdo things to dominate the whole scene.

How much does a rustic arrangement of flowers cost?

Not every rustic floral arrangement idea will require you to spend a fortune; by investing a little effort and time, you can make your own DIY arrangement of flowers that will be a one-of-a-kind emblem of your love.

There is no estimate figure on how much it is going to cost you. Because a lot depends on the kind of flowers you choose, the number of flowers required for the selected arrangement. Also, whether the flowers are available naturally in that season, the rates of your local florist, etc. If you want to estimate your costs, a quick call or visit to your local flower shop will clarify your expectations.

How can I make rustic photo props with flowers?

Every couple is on the lookout for unique and stunning photo props that can turn their simple wedding photographs into adorable ones. Why not use some rustic, vintage, and age-worn materials to contrast against a newlywed, sparkling, and dazzling couple? To cover up the marks of old age on the prop and get perfect flower arrangement pictures, cover them with flowers and your prop is all set.

For pastoral and antique photo props, you can use old swings. Swing chairs and vintage cars or anything that reminds you of the countryside can also come in handy. Use flowers in ingenious ways to cover the parts of the prop that you don’t want to appear in your photographs.

How to achieve a rustic look with flowers?

Here are some ideas and rustic floral arrangement tips that you can put to use to get a rustic look with flowers:

  • To achieve a rustic look, keep accessories and embellishments to a minimum. Do not overdo on decorations.
  • Experiment with colors, sizes, shapes, and styles to get the look that you want. It does not have to be a perfect replica of what you have seen in a picture or video; you can make your own variation depending on the materials and flowers available.
  • Stir your imagination to visualize how you would like to arrange the flowers in the countryside look. You may want to try different variants before settling on the one that looks perfect.
  • You can make use of flowers from your garden, or obtain from a local florist or ordered online. In any case, try to estimate how many flowers you will need for the whole arrangement. If you are a newbie, you may be surprised by the number of flowers you will require. So, it is best to seek advice from a professional florist before placing an order.
  • When you think of old taverns, what comes to your mind? Wooden barrels are storing liquor. Why not use these barrels to create a rustic effect for your serving drinks to your guests? You don’t necessarily need to store bottles in it; it can just accompany the drinks bar to complete the rustic effect.

Can I make a rustic arrangement of flowers by myself?

The best thing regarding this rustic floral arrangement is that you do not need to be a florist to turn these ideas into reality. Literally, anyone can follow the simple instructions of a DIY tutorial and get amazing results.

If you are trying to make a flower arrangement by yourself, it is advisable to get a few more flowers. As a newbie, you are likely to mess up a few times. So, it is best to have a few additional flowers at hand, in case you don’t like your end-result the first time you make it. If you would like to acquire this skill, you can enroll in any flower arrangement classes to sharpen your skills.

How can rustic flowers be used at a wedding?

Rustic arrangements can be used at weddings in endless ways. Popular categories of using these flower arrangement types at weddings include bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces, wreaths, garlands, corsages, and boutonnieres. You can also use similar themes to decorate the venue and stage.

What are the most commonly used colors for rustic floral arrangement?

If planned well, any desired color can be arranged in a countryside style. The most commonly used colors for the rustic arrangement of flowers include copper, rust, and off-white. Also, you can use bronze, cream, mint, fawn, beige, taupe, lilac, butter yellow, khaki, forest green, and brown.

Any kind of flower can be used in this style. You can use various light shades of brown, white, pink, and green flowers for achieving desired results too.

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