As times are changing, so are decorations for weddings. We are here to answer your questions about wedding floral arches, a new and popular trend in weddings. Sometimes keeping up with these trends can be pricey and difficult, so we also have a way you can make a DIY Wedding Arch for your very own wedding arch.

What is a floral wedding arch and what is it used for?

A floral wedding arch is an arch that is adorned with flowers to create patterns and designs. Depending on where you get the wedding arch, you can purchase your arch with accessories such as ribbons or twinkle lights. During the wedding, the arch is normally placed behind the couple and is utilized as a backdrop. It is a beautiful addition to any wedding with its lush greenery and gorgeous flowers.

Is there a wedding arch for sale near me?

Wedding arch Toronto can be found anywhere from bridal/wedding shops to local florists or even at event rental stores. If you don’t want to go in person to pick your wedding arch, you can order it online.

You don’t have to worry about where to order a wedding arch because they are easy to find. Wedding arches aren’t difficult to find anymore as they are becoming increasingly popular.

Can I use an indoor wedding arch?

Some people may think that wedding arches are only suitable for outdoor weddings, but that is not the case. Wedding arches can be used indoors and can add a magical touch to your dream wedding. Just be sure to take extra precautions and check with your venue to make sure that they are on board with your plan.

Also, be sure to check the wedding arch’s measurements in advance to make sure that it goes through the door of the venue and that it fits comfortably within the dimensions of the venue.

How big is a wedding arch?

When searching for wedding arch dimensions, you can get varied results depending on who and where you get them from. The dimensions cannot be determined as a single value because the dimensions differ depending on the extra decorations.

It also comes to personal preference as some people may prefer a bigger wedding arch if they are planning an outdoor wedding, while others might prefer a small wedding arch. The average wedding arch is approximately 56 inches wide, 144 inches tall, and 45 inches deep. Again, this is an estimated range as you can find a wedding arch of any size but most wedding arches are around the given dimensions.

 How can I find a cheap wedding arch?

If you can’t find a wedding arch within your budget, you can opt for a more creative choice. You can customize and personalize it to your liking by making and decorating it yourself. Here are a few simple steps to making your very own DIY wedding arch:

  1. Buy a cheap, simple wedding arch.
  2. Gather your flowers and greenery, (artificial ones are better because they last longer).
  3. Use a foam block and attach two zip ties or rope around it with enough room for your fingers to go through.
  4. Arrange your flowers the way you want them onto the foam block on one side You can add leaves, ferns, and other little flowers. You can also go to the sides of the foam block, but be sure not to put any flowers in the back because that is where the rope will be used to attach to your foam block.
  5. Use the zip ties or strings you wrapped around it and attach the floral block to the wedding arch with a strong rope.
  6. Keep making these blocks until the whole arch is covered in flowers.

If you want a bigger or fuller DIY arch, you can purchase bulk wedding flowers.

Where can I find cheap flowers for my wedding arch?

You don’t need to buy expensive flowers to make them look nice; buying flowers, especially for a whole wedding arch can become overly expensive. You can take suggestions from Toronto Bulk Flowers regarding in-season flower varieties that won’t cost a lot. A cheaper and equally effective alternative would be buying artificial flowers.

Once the wedding arch is assembled, you can hardly tell that it is a DIY project. That being said, fresh flowers have their own charm. Do not rely on a single popular variety of flowers, instead pair them up with fillers and other cheaper varieties. You can pick however many flowers you want and which ones you want to include in your wedding arch.

What flowers should I use for my DIY wedding arch?

Since it is your wedding, you have the freedom to pick your favorite flowers and personalize it according to the color theme of your wedding. Some suggestions are roses because they exemplify romance, gardenias for their elegance, tulips for their bright colors, ranunculus and peonies for their cheerfulness, baby’s breath for their affordability, daisies for their versatility, carnations for their magnificence, orchids for their exoticness, hydrangeas and dahlias for their charm, and sweet peas for their color variety. When you do it yourself, anything is possible!

Weddings are supposed to be perfect and wedding arches ensure just that!

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