Bridal bouquets have become more elaborate over the years and so too have the extravagant costs associated with them. For many brides, the mere fact that they have to get one is a great source of stress for them. The thought of finding the right one, at the right price and especially if it is within a short space of time, is added to the other stressors for the bride. While some brides are great with the cost, look, and choice of flowers that are available and are ready-made, others have tried to find out how to make bridal bouquets from one source or another, because they want to get a unique bouquet with their own choice and colorful flowers.

Types of flowers

One of the first steps in learning how to make bridal bouquets is to decide on the types of flowers that you want to use. The most popular choices are Roses, Hydrangeas, Tulips, Lilies, Peony, and a variety of other flowers that become available as each season rolls in. Because of the frequency with which brides are trying to cut cost nowadays, there are several options that are also available to brides. One of which is choosing to make your bridal bouquet using Bulk Flowers Toronto or wholesale flowers Toronto. Both options can give you the freedom that you need to create and recreate your bouquet until you have the perfect one.

Steps to creating the Bouquet

In addition to figuring out how to make bridal bouquets and sourcing the right type of flowers, there is also the actual making of the bouquet. Different people have different tastes in how they want their bouquets to look, but the one that is popular with most brides is the cluster of roses, or whichever flowers you choose, tied with bridal tape and has stems covered with ribbons, so that is the one we will provide instructions on how to create. Variations are possible, depending on what your choices are.

Step 1

After you have chosen your wedding bouquet flowers, you can choose the number of flowers you choose to go into each bouquet. If you prefer roses, as many brides do, then get fresh cut roses with baby’s breath and any other ones you would like to pair it with. Get decorative pins, bridal tape, the ribbons of your choice, scissors, preservative, or whatever else you need to preserve the flowers and hairspray to give them a perfect hold. You can also use soda, or apple cider vinegar to preserve the flowers.

Step 2

Place the flowers into a vase with your preservative and let it stand for a few hours to preserve it.

Step 3

Lay out the stems of your choice of flowers and ensure that they are all of the equal lengths if it is roses, and then pare off the thorns to make them smooth and less dangerous while you work. Cut the stems shorter and stack them into your hands.

Step 4

Begin wrapping three together with the bridal tape, then gradually put in the others, wrapping as you go along. After you have wrapped your wholesale flowers together with the bridal tape, wrap them again with your ribbons, which, by the way, can also match your dresses.

Step 5

Secure the ends of the ribbon, both the top and the bottom, and fasten them with the decorative pins to keep the bridal bouquet sturdy.

Step 6

Cut off the ends of the flowers, just below the tape and ribbon, and spray with hairspray to keep it in place and also to preserve it and you will get yourself a beautiful bouquet.

Whether you choose to find out how to make bridal bouquets, or you choose to get it done by a professional or use Bulk Flowers Toronto you can still have the bouquet of your choice and pay less than what you would have paid otherwise. Making it for yourself may just give it more sentimental value than one that is store made, or store bought.

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