Weddings signal the joining of not only two individuals, but also two families. It is, therefore, a good idea to make sure that all concerned are in agreement with the wedding budget and start thinking about how to plan a wedding of your dreams. Brides tend to go overboard on planning their weddings and why not? It is supposed to be a once in a lifetime event. Seeing that the wedding budget can be one of the first reasons for disagreement between bride and groom, deciding just what to cut and what to keep in the budget can help you to prevent this from happening.

Most brides are overly anxious and want their weddings to be flashy and be the topics of conversations for years to come. It is supposed to be a beautiful and breath-taking event, one that they anxiously await for their entire lives. For some, it is their second, third or even fourth time around. Whether it is your first, or fourth time getting married, and if you are not aware of how to plan a wedding on a small budget, then these tips and tricks are for you. Some of the ways in which you can ensure that you plan a wedding on a small budget are by carefully scrutinizing each item on the budget and deciding if it is really worth it.

Getting your cake done for less

In addition to getting your cake done at a cheaper rate, or in less than the required six months to a year the bigger bakeries ask for, you can also avoid scheduling conflicts by opting for a smaller bakery. These small bakeries still offer brides the chance to sample cakes in cupcake sizes to help you to come to a decision. Smaller bakeries also have the creativity, inventiveness and tend to experiment more to please their customers, so you would not be missing anything by choosing one.

Photographs done on a budget

Photographers choose brides to work for with great trepidation to avoid ending up in a ‘Bidezilla’ situation. These types of brides are difficult or ‘challenging’ as they refer to them, because of their need to have the perfect set of photographs for their weddings. These brides can be hard to please with their aim for perfection. If you are one of the brides who has figured out how to plan a wedding on a budget, then you will have more success with these photographers, as the demand should not be so great on a smaller budget. Choose a photographer who has an eye for detail and who is aware of all of the intricacies that are involved in wedding photography and explain your situation to him. Finding one on social media is easy; as it provides the flexibility and freedom you need to interact with the photographer.

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Dresses for the wedding party

This may be one of the most difficult tasks for a bride yet. Getting the dresses you want on a budget, but all is not lost, as there is a way for you to get exactly what you want, in terms of size, color or style on a budget. Many brides choose to have their dresses made, but it is so much cheaper to search for the dress you want, in the color and style you want and look for similar dresses for your wedding party and purchase online. 

Flowers for the party

Another overlooked area for brides who want to plan a wedding on a budget is the floral arrangements for the wedding party. A less expensive, yet more creative way of getting the flowers for the wedding party is by choosing Toronto Bulk Flowers. This gives you the opportunity, and flexibility, to create your own, matching bouquets for a fraction of the cost and without the fear of any flowers running out. Wholesale flowers are also a cheaper option that can give similar results.

Weddings can be both fun and exciting. It has a great potential of still being an exclusive event, even if the different areas of the budget are looked at and adjusted accordingly. There are several other areas that need reviewing in the budget, but using creativity and a sound sense of judgment can help you to achieve great results.

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