Beach weddings are the most adorable kind of weddings indeed. There is no way that any other venue or destination can beat the natural spell cast by endless water, limitless sky, a definitive horizon, and the cool breeze.

Beach weddings are memorable not only for the couple who is tying the knot but also for the friends and family who have gathered there for the special occasion. Here we try to answer some of your questions related to beach weddings:

Which seasons are best for beach weddings?

Spring is definitely the best season for a beach wedding. Summers will be too hot, and obviously, no one is swimming in their suits and gowns. Winter can be too chilly to look for suitable weather. Spring is the time of the year when you can enjoy moderate weather.

Which time is best for a wedding on a beach?

While it is best to check the weather of your destination before selecting a suitable time, but generally speaking, two times are suitable for a beach wedding: morning and late afternoon. If you opt for a mid-day ceremony, you will be struggling against direct sunlight and heat. Anything closer to sunset will be romantic but will put extra pressure to wrap it up quick before it gets dark.

What decor ideas can I use for a beach wedding?

Beach wedding decor can be as extended as your imagination. Here are a few ideas that you might consider for your beach wedding decor:

  • If you want a few lanterns for dramatic effect, better to use artificial ones because it will be a struggle to keep the candle-lit lanterns lit.
  • A pearl ring box will be appropriate keeping in view the beach wedding theme.
  • You may not want to do overdo beach themed decor as the beach is right there to add the effect; having some starfish brooch or decor here and there wouldn’t hurt.
  • A pirate map detailing the outline of the couple’s relationship will be a nice idea.
  • Use some mirrors to augment the sea’s majestic beauty.
  • Some beach wedding flowers artistically arranged to enhance the natural look.
  • Wedding menu’s appetizers, dining items, and desserts can use a touch of coastal cuisine or icing to keep up the whole theme.
  • Old rusted boat, pirate hat, surfing board, anchor or other similar items can be cost-effective ways of decorating a beach wedding’s venue.
  • Think of some appropriate beach games that will keep the guests entertained.

What can go wrong on a beach wedding?

People who are organizing a beach wedding need to give considerable thought to things that can go wrong on the day. Here are some things that will help you plan your special event:

  • Seaweed: Keep a safe distance from the waves to avoid unwelcome seaweed. However, don’t be so far from the shore that you cannot capture it in the pictures.
  • Random people: Beachgoers do not witness a wedding ceremony on the beach every day so they may be keen to join or just stand there to stare. To tackle them, put a canopy or some kind of barrier or mark the territory.
  • Wind: Wind on the beach will be unpredictable and inevitable. It will not only blow out your candles but also mess with your hair and ruffle dresses. Either create a wind barrier through a canopy or plan keeping the wind in mind.
  • Huge waves: Depending on multiple factors, you may encounter huge waves, so keep a good distance while setting up your decor.
  • Mist: Wind will blow mist onto faces, hair and even blow beach wedding flowers So, it is best to set up your decor away from water.
  • Rain: Check the extended weather forecast to see if you will be encountering rain on the day. Even if it’s a sunny day, plan for your surprises.
  • Birds: If you have an uncovered venue, be ready for some birds who might show up at last minute.

What are the must-have items for a beach wedding?

  • Food truck: So that you can cover up your food servings, and save them from birds, mist, rain or any other thing.
  • DJ: Some guests will find the sound of crashing waves romantic and reassuring while others might deem it monotonous.
  • Photo props: You will have an open, beautiful and natural landscape on a beach wedding, so you will need some photo props to get a variety of wedding photographs. Try some DIY photo props to give it a unique touch.
  • Folding items: You will not even have time to react, because the weather on a beach can change within a matter of minutes. Consider using folding chairs and other items that you can wrap up quickly in case things don’t go as planned.
  • Sunglasses or parasols: Not every guest will remember to bring along a pair of sunglasses. It may become uncomfortable for them to sit through the ceremony. Arrange sunglasses, umbrellas, parasols, canopy or any other form of shade for the guests.
  • Pedestal fans: Beach wedding can get annoying with the downpour of rain or scorching hot sun. If you have planned your wedding on a non-rainy day, then fans are a must-have.
  • Slippers: Guests who come informal shoes may get sand stuck in their shoes. Carry plenty of slippers or flip-flops for anyone who wants to take a stroll on the beach.
  • Towels and wipes: In case it starts raining, or to wipe off the mist spray.

Which flowers are suitable for a beach wedding?

There is no limit to the flowers you can choose for a beach wedding. Any flower type, floral arrangement or wedding flowers that work on other weddings can be used on a beach wedding as well.

Popular beach wedding flowers include roses, Calla lilies, orchids, daisies, hydrangeas, and peonies.

Do I need to hire an event planner for a beach wedding?

There are not a lot of intricate details that need to be planned for a beach wedding. There is a limited space that needs minimal decor, so if you want to do it yourself with some help from friends and family, it is certainly doable. Use the search term ‘wedding flowers near me’ to find any famous florist Toronto to get flowers for your big day.

On the other hand, if you want to hire a wedding planner with some experience in beach weddings, then, of course, they will guarantee some foolproof plans avoiding final-day glitches and leave you stress-free from any planning activities to enjoy your day to the full.

How do I get permission to celebrate the wedding on a beach?

You will need to check with the local council or city government to find out if you need a permit for celebrating your wedding on the beach. If you want a particular area of the public beach sealed for your ceremony, then you may need a permit. The permit is typically inexpensive, but the exact amount you have to pay will vary (it may be free).

How should I set up an aisle on a beach wedding?

When you are setting up an aisle on a beach wedding, it is customary to place it facing the sea so that the scenic background is behind the couple in every photo. Get creative and build your DIY wedding arch.

You can opt for a set with and without the runner. However, if you decide to have a runner, then put a solid foundation under the runner. Get flowers from a bulk florist to decorate sides of the runner.