Hydrangeas are also known as hortensias. They are a family of more than 75 species and 600 named cultivars that are residing in various corners of the globe such as Indonesia, Asia, America, and Japan. Hydrangeas commonly grow as a shrub, but can also grow as climbing trees and vines. Their plants can grow from 1 foot to 100 feet tall, going up as a climbing tree or vine.

Hydrangea plants produce beautiful and exquisite flowers, and that’s what makes them so famous. These flowers usually grow in full sun but can also grow in partial shade. They start producing flowers from early spring and keep their showy display up all the way till fall. The flowers grow in different sizes, shapes, and colors such as pink, blue, red, purple, white, and green.

The symbolization and meaning of hydrangeas

The historical meaning of hydrangea stems from the Greek language is water (hydros) and jars (angos). This plant was given this name because its shape is very much like a water pitcher from the early Greek times. Call it surprising or coinciding, but the name really suits the nature of the flower too. Hydrangeas constantly need plenty amount of moisture to keep blooming as well as remain healthy and happy.

Whereas apparently, almost everyone seems to agree on the fact that hydrangeas require a lot of water to grow, the symbolism of the flower differs significantly amongst various cultures. In Japan, the flower is related to heartfelt emotion, understanding, and apology. The Japanese emperor seemingly made a long-term impression not only on his girlfriend’s family but also on his whole empire. Additionally, the hydrangeas can be used to symbolize togetherness and unity.

Other interpretations of hydrangeas

On the other hand, hydrangeas have a negative connotation in Europe, where they were used to express arrogance and boastfulness. This implication is based on the ability of this plant to yield numerous flowers but a very less amount of seeds. During the 1890s, English men used to send hydrangeas to women who rejected their proposals, accusing them of being cold-hearted.

In some places of Europe, it is believed that young girls who grow hydrangeas in their front yards will probably never get married. It is because of the poor attitude and lack of empathy of the Victorian men. On a funny note, if you have not yet found your life partner, you might want to double-check your yards and grounds for hydrangeas and get them cut as soon as possible.

Every single meaning of hydrangea is associated with a specific color, and in case you don’t know, there is a variety of colors available in hydrangeas. Each color has a different meaning based on different cultural beliefs and traditions. If you are wondering what color symbolizes what, here is a list that might help your thoughts!

What do pink hydrangeas represent?

Pink hydrangeas depict love and romance, along with heartfelt emotions. You can give them to your loved ones to express your intimate feelings and tell them how much you love and care for them. Other than this, you can even present them to a newlywed couple as a way of giving them your blessings for their passionate journey ahead. In a nutshell, you can give them to anyone as a thoughtful yet beautiful expression of your love for them.

Do blue hydrangeas only represent frigidity?

If you think blue hydrangeas cannot be used for anything but to represent frigidity, you might be wrong. This beautiful blue bunch of flowers can be used for anything related to seeking forgiveness. For instance, you could give them to someone while politely refusing their proposal. These precious flowers might help in making your refusal sound a little less harsh! You can also use blue hydrangeas to depict regret or sorrow for something. They might be the perfect flowers to give to someone on funerals in order to show your sorrow for the departed soul.

Does purple hydrangea mean the same as blue hydrangea?

No, purple hydrangea does not symbolize sorrow and regret like the blue one. Instead, this super lovely color of hydrangeas is used to convey the desire for a deeper understanding of another person or to represent wealth and abundance. In case you are wondering when you can use them, we are here to help you out!

You can gift them to someone you plan to spend your life with to indicate that you understand their beliefs and perspective about different aspects of life. You can also give them to anyone while proposing them for marriage. Also, you can simply use them for décor in a party whenever you want to flex your wealth a little! Sounds bad, but the flowers look great, no doubt!

Are you thinking about white hydrangeas? Here is what they mean!

In almost every other culture, the color white is used to symbolize purity, grace, and decency; so is the case with hydrangeas. White bunches of hydrangeas are probably the most beautiful flowers on our entire planet. They connote good intentions and purity of heart, which means you can gift them to whomever you have the best of intentions for. This can include your family members, teachers, friends, or even neighbors.

Apart from gifting them to your loved ones, white hydrangeas can also be used for décor purposes. Are you bored with your dull living place? Add some colorful vases full of white hydrangeas, and you are good to go!

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