Funerals are not easy for anyone, whether you have personally lost someone or you know someone that has. The most important thing to do when you hear of a tragedy like this is to console the people who are afflicted with it. The best idea is to send short verses for funeral flower cards or you can personally deliver it.

During this difficult time, you must show that you care and that you are there for them. Supporting them is the best thing that you can do. So, you can show your love by writing messages and sending flowers. We have put some ideas together for you to help a fellow family member or friend deal with the loss of a loved one.

What can I do to console someone after a loved one’s passing?

You want to make them feel comfortable and loved instead of making them feel more upset and stressed. You can do this by sending flowers, writing short verses for funeral flower cards, sending messages, spending time with them, helping them with everyday needs, or anything else to cheer them up a little. At this point in their life, they deserve the utmost care because they have suffered a very painful loss.

What are some short verses for funeral flower cards that I can write to someone?

These are great ideas because they will express your understanding of that person’s pain. But, you want to write a short verse that will make them feel better or supported rather than worse. So, you can add a few of them in the funeral card to lift their mood. You can use short verses for funeral cards, for instance:

  • “May they live forever in peace”
  • “Forever in our thoughts”
  • “Gone but never forgotten”
  • “With condolences”
  • “Thinking of you at this difficult time”
  • “We are so sorry for your loss”
  • “Our thoughts go out to you”

Another good idea is to use a quote if you are not sure what to use.

What are some funeral card message examples?

When someone loses a loved one, it is a very good idea to send a funeral card, whether you send it alone, with a care package, with flowers, or more. Funeral card messages can be very short and simple or they can be lengthy and personal. But, if you are a little stuck on what to write, here are some messages examples:

  • “We can’t possibly imagine your loss.”
  • “If there is absolutely anything that we can do, do not hesitate to ask”
  • “You and your family are in our prayers at this difficult time”
  • “Please know that we are thinking of you at this difficult time”
  • “May you find comfort and healing with the love of those that remember with you”,

and many more.

How can I make the funeral card personal?

You can make a funeral card extra personal, special, and touching by helping the person move on their life. You can use the deceased’s favorite colors, favorite flowers, as a tribute to the late family member. The best thing that you can do is try to show the person how to move on their life after suffering a loss like this.

What are some other things that I can send?

Sending flowers is a great idea because flowers and nature tend to lift people’s mood and cheer them up. If not, they will definitely appreciate your thoughtful gesture. You can choose from a variety of sympathy flowers Toronto, but in the end, any sweet little flower will suffice. Some ideas are to send Orchid Tribute flowers, Peace and Serenity Dish Garden, or anything else that you feel the person will appreciate.

Another idea is to send a gift basket because they need love now more than ever. You can send any sympathy basket that you wish, but we have some ideas for you. You can send a Memorial Gifts Sympathy Basket, a Healthy Sympathy Basket, or any other sympathy basket of your choosing.

Can sympathy flowers be delivered?

Yes, sympathy flower delivery is an option that we offer for your convenience. That way, you can still show your love, despite personal issues like living too far or even being too busy. This way, you can skip the stress and tension. All you have to do is choose the sympathy flowers that you wish to send online. From there, it can easily be sent to the location of your family or friend that has been afflicted by loss.

You can also pick up your flowers if you wish to personally deliver flowers. If it is at your convenience, you can take the flowers yourself and the person will appreciate that you took the time out to come to see them. Either way, if you personally deliver them or hand-deliver them, it’s the thought that counts.

Give them your best

In conclusion, when you hear of a horrible tragedy like a personal loss, you have to comfort the person afflicted by this tragedy. Write them a nice message and send them a card. Also, you can add short verses for funeral flower cards when sending them flowers. Try to spend some time with them and order a gift basket for them. No matter what you do, just remember you have to make the person feel better, and showing your love, care, and support will do just that.