Among all the types of flowers available in the world, roses are one of the most commonly used types of flowers. There would be hardly anyone who doesn’t know red roses, the meaning of roses in red color and their significance for the events related to love. Be it valentine’s day, proposal day, weddings day in various cultures, etc. But do you really know how many color variants of roses are available worldwide and what is their meaning or significance?

If your answer is yes, continue reading and see if we have missed any variant that you are aware of and should be part of our informative blog. If your answer is No, keep reading and remember the meaningful information about roses variants, the meaning of roses.

The History of Roses

While not all the color variants are there in history but the roses are part of our flower history for more than 35 million years or so. Out of more than three hundred species of the plant Rosa, roses are from the family of Rosaceae. A lot of hybrid version of roses are also being cultivated and the meaning of roses differ as well. But first things first, how many color variants of roses are there?

  • Red Roses
  • White Roses
  • Ivory Roses
  • Yellow Roses
  • Pink Roses
  • Peach Roses
  • Green Roses
  • Purple Roses
  • Blue Roses
  • Black Roses

Let get to know these roses variants and meaning of roses along with the significance of variant in detail.

What does Red Rose(s) imply?

Red is the color of love. The meaning of roses, red roses differ with the count of it as well. Giving someone as ingle red rose is an expression of love at first sight and if you want the person to be yours for the lifetime, you can give a bouquet of red roses which contains only 12 roses.

Are White Roses for Wedding Day only?

More or less, it is true that white roses are a symbol of new beginnings so greatly associated with weddings in western culture. However, the meaning of roses, white roses particularly is also expressing peace, long-lasting love and loyalty of the people.

Isn’t Ivory meant for the same purpose as white roses?

While the slight variation in the color of ivory from white can baffle the human eye, the meaning of roses cannot do the same. Ivory roses are an expression of charm and perfection. Show you gratitude by gifting a bunch of ivory roses.

Why Yellow Rose is for Friendship?

Red is the color of love, yellow roses are meant for friends. The warm yellow roses are a symbol of joy, care for the person, expression of welcoming to the circle or neighborhood and also an expression of ‘remembrance’.

Do pick roses represent feminism?

There are many variations of pink roses. While the basic pick does represent feminism, the sweet side of the pink rose meaning. However, the variations are for multiple purposes such as expression of thank you.

Are peaches just a fruit?

Peach can be a color variation of roses as well. Representing the enthusiasm, energy, excitement of sense of admiration for someone. Bring a bunch for vibrant peach roses home to show bring the passion back to everything and everyone.

Greener roses, greener life?

Green is the color of earth, the life and constant realization of the spirituality of the soul. A bouquet of green roses means that you wish the other person to live life in a balanced, harmonized and energetic way.

How do purple or lavender roses make a magical statement?

Purple rose is the expression of enchanting experience or feelings with someone. If you secretly admire someone and want to express how magical those feelings are for you, send a bunch of purple roses.

How does blue rose make an impression?

Blue is the color of energy, positive vibes and an expression of admiration as well. Blue roses are perfect for a venue when you want to congratulate someone for achieving an unachievable thing.

Can feeling die with black roses?

Black is the color of sorrow (not for everyone though!) but black roses are often associated with deaths and funerals. A message of the dead feelings can be conveyed by sending a bunch of black roses.

The meaning of roses may differ for regions, religions, and individuals as well. However, the general meaning of roses stays more or less similar throughout the world. You may come up with your own meaning or purpose of sending a rose to someone coupled with a personal note and other things to make sure the true intention of the purpose of sending the rose went through successfully.

Some people may consider sending a bunch of multiple color roses to someone but be aware that a bunch of multicolor roses also has a significance or message in there. A bunch of colorful roses, different roses, all tied together, expresses the state of uncertainty in the feelings. Yet, it is the expression that you do have feelings for someone just not sure yet of the nature or intensity of the feelings.

You can give a singular rose or can give a bunch, where the number of roses does represent a certain significance of the purpose. As an example, a single red rose is an expression of love whereas a bunch of 12 red roses is to ask someone to be yours, used with a proposal.

Do you know any other meaning of roses that we didn’t mention here? Feel free to approach us with your feedback or comments regarding the different meanings of roses. We welcome criticism and feedback with an open heart.