Tulips, although common, have a great significance both in meanings and in history. Let’s tell you about some amazing meanings of tulips. These flowers are not just limited to any occasion; you can use them anywhere you like.

Origins and Story of Tulips

Some people believe that tulips originated in Turkey, but in reality, they became popular in Turkey after being originated in Central Asia. Tulips gained their name from a Persian word for turban as full-bloom tulips have a shape of a turban.

Commonly, tulips symbolize perfect love, which is tied to Persian and Turkish legends about the love between two people, Shirin and Farhad. This story has been retold in many variants. According to one story, Farhad was a prince, and he was deeply in love with Shirin. However, Shirin died, and in agony, Farhad rode his horse to a mountain. He reached a cliff and killed himself there. When his blood reached the ground, a red tulip grew over there. Thus, it symbolizes perfect love.

In another story, Shirin was a princess, while Farhad was a stone cutter. Although she rejected him at first, her feelings grew when she listened to his music for her. Her father was not pleased with this, and he challenged him to dig a giant canal to earn her hand in marriage. When Farhad finished the canal after years, a courtesan was sent by the king to convince Farhad that Shirin is dead. In desperation, he killed himself. When Shirin learned of this, she took her own life. A red tulip grew where their blood touched the ground.

Meanings of Tulip

Deep love is the common meaning of tulips. Moreover, since tulips grow first in the spring, they also symbolize rebirth. Tulips were often associated with the charity by Victorians.

Tulip Colours and Symbolism

While red tulips symbolize deep love, there are some other colours of tulips as well. They include:

  • White tulips are a symbol of forgiveness.
  • Cheerful thoughts are symbolized by yellow tulips.
  • Royalty is symbolized by purple tulips.
  • Lastly, confidence and happiness are symbolized by pink tulips.

Cultural Significance

Actually, Turkey is not the only place where these flowers have great historical significance. In the Netherlands, Tulips were introduced in the late 16th century. In fact, tulips were fairly expensive as they were considered a novelty. As their value increased, many people began to purchase more bulbs. Gradually, people selling tulips increased, and customers decreased largely. Therefore, during the 17th century, the market for tulips crashed.

In spite of this crash, tulips have remained quite popular. Each and every year, National Tulip Day is celebrated in Amsterdam.

Tulip Facts

Generally, tulips are also used in eleven-year anniversaries. After all, they symbolize never-ending love. With more than 3000 varieties, this flower belongs to the same family as onions and lilies. Thus, if you want to celebrate an anniversary, you can just purchase tulips.

Tip: You can use tulips for any type of event such as a wedding, as they symbolize happiness as well.

Uses of Tulips

Many florists believe that tulip petals can be used to garnish different salads and dishes.

At Weddings

As I have said before, red tulips symbolize everlasting and deep love. Thus, they are perfect to be used at weddings. Often, people consider those flowers which go along with their themes without considering their meanings. At a wedding, tulips have the perfect use. In fact, they can not only beautify the wedding but can also emphasize love. Tulips are a great way of showing love and appreciating someone.

For Apologies

There are times when we need to apologize, and we are unable to find the right way of apologizing. We are conflicted about what to bring and give to the person. Well, white tulips are the best in such situations because they symbolize forgiveness. For example, you can just take a basket of white tulips with you to the person. It would not only show that you care for the person, but you are also seeking forgiveness. You can complement the whole situation by adding a basket of chocolates as well.

For Cheering Someone

If you have a person whom you want to cheer up, you can depend on yellow tulips as they symbolize cheerful thoughts. They can serve as one of the best gifts that you can give to a person when he/she is feeling down. Similar to their colour, they imply brightness and can uplift the mood of a person. Though, you can complement it by taking a basket of fruits with you.

At Meetings

Even if you are just meeting a person and you want to make that person happy, you can take pink or yellow tulips. Pink tulips are more suitable because they symbolize happiness. If you see pink tulips at certain events, remember that they imply everlasting happiness. In fact, they are one of the best flowers to bring with you for the first time.

Overall, these were the meanings of tulip. Although you can use tulips at certain events, you can plant them in your garden as well. After all, they are quite pretty and can make your garden look a lot more vibrant.

Utilize various meanings of tulips

Since there are many meanings of tulips, you can use them anywhere. Try to utilize this special flower on every special occasion of your life.