Women are the real architects of our societies and nations. They are the precious creatures of God. A woman performs the valuable roles of mother, daughter, sister, wife, administrator, director, disciplinarian, artist, teacher, and, most important, being a queen in the family at the same time. And no doubt she performs her every role in the best way.

Democratically speaking, about half of our population is of women. They deserve all the rights and due importance in our society so they can perform their roles efficiently. So March 8 is International Women’s Day in order to recognize and celebrate the social, economic and cultural achievements of women in world. The best way to celebrate this beautiful day is arranging flowers for International Women’s Day and giving them as gifts to the special women of your life.  Flowers are undoubtedly the most colorful representation of this day.

What is the History of International Women’s Day?

In the past, the concept of observing this day first happened in the year 1908 in the United States. There was a group of women who used to make garments in New York. They worked under a very poor working environment and were not paid according to their hard work. The worst thing was that they did not even have the right to vote. So on account of this injustice, they decided to raise their voice.

As a result of their efforts, the International Conference of women was held in 1909, which decided that once in a year, there would be a day to discuss women’s rights and issues. Thus this is the day which is now called International Women’s Day. It was first observed on 28th February 1909 in the United States. Later it was Russia who unknowingly set the March 8 trend. In 1975, the United Nations officially recognized March 8 as the International Women’s Day.

When is International Women’s Day in Canada?

This day in Canada is observed on March 8, just like the whole world. Many women are experiencing damaging gender stereotypes, which in turn limits their potential and challenge their power. Plan International Canada is an organization that is calling Canadians to take action against these damaging stereotypes.  They are calling on Canadians to share their power so women and girls can have their rights and achieve their full potential.

Why do we celebrate this day?

March 8 has been declared as International Women’s Day all over the world. Women across the globe had to struggle hard in order to bring a day that can recognize and celebrate women in the world. March 8 of every year is the best time to fetch the attention of people towards gender parity and to reflect how far women have come breaking barriers. Over the centuries, this has become a growing movement.

How is this day celebrated across the world?

This day is declared as a holiday in at least 20 countries of the world. This list includes Angola, Belarus, Cambodia, Nepal, Russia, Tajikistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Guinea, Laos, and many more. There are a number of events and celebrations held on this day across the world to inspire women and pay a regard to their achievements.  Many arrangements are made for special programs and events on this day. The best way to honor the special women around you on this day is by gifting them Flowers for International Women Day.

Why choose a gift of flowers?

Gifting a flower is surely the best way to convey warm feelings to the recipient. Flowers are perhaps the most popular gift all over the world. Flowers as a gift have the best ability to bring cheer and convey heartfelt feelings.

A flower is a symbol of love and passion. Not only as a gift, but beautiful decoration with multi-colored flowers is also a sign of pure love and honor. Flowers have an appealing effect to all our senses. Women absolutely adore flowers and their exhilarating fragrance. So flowers on International Women Day is undoubtedly the best idea.

What are the colors of Flowers for International Women’s Day?

Purple is the symbol of women all over the world. A combination of colors like purple, green, pink and white also symbolizes equality. Purple signifies the loyalty, dignity and self-respect.  In the same way, flowers have many colors. Different flowers, especially purple ones, can be a gift on this special day. Similarly, a bouquet having these multi-colored flowers may be the best representation of your regard for women.

What is the Connection between Women and Flowers?

Flowers are delicate, fragile and dainty. You can’t handle them roughly. Flower is a beautiful living creature. That’s why people relate it with women. Flowers and women are comparable for traits like delicate, beautiful, colorful and softness. So the best way to make women feel their beauty and delicacy is gifting them such a beautiful and delicate thing on their special day.

How to Choose Best Flowers for International Women’s Day?

Get ready to surprise the special women in your life. Make them feel special on the coming International Women’s Day on Monday March 8, 2021 and Tuesday March 8, 2022. Make your plans of surprising them either with a flower bouquet or with a beautifully decorated room with flowers. Toronto Bulk Flowers provides you a beautiful range of flowers to make your moments special. You can also add colorful vases. Don’t miss the chance to make your special women feel one in millions!