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Myrtle greenery: a royal tradition for everyone

Myrtle greenery comes from an evergreen bush or shrub. Normally both the green leaves and flowers are used in wedding bouquets. The green leaves are used as decorative greenery in flower arrangements. Its beautiful and fragrant flowers are also used in flower arrangements, especially in bridal bouquets. In North America, it is also known as another name, the ‘lesser periwinkle.’ The beautiful light blue color periwinkle takes its name after this plant’s berries.

After the season for the beautiful white myrtle flowers ends, it is followed by dark purple, almost black oval small berries. In ancient history, Greeks used the myrtle leaves and myrtle flowers to create crowns that decorated the heads of ancient Olympic Games winners. The plant’s glossy foliage and white flowers have been used for centuries in British royal weddings. Queen Victoria of England first started the tradition of including the myrtle’s green leaves and flower in royal wedding flowers. This simple yet beautiful practice has continued through history until our time. We have witnessed the use of myrtle in the popular royal weddings of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Additional myrtle plant meaning

This flower symbolizes unity and love. That’s why royal brides have included at least one small sprig of myrtle in their wedding bouquet. It is safe to say that myrtle leaves and flowers do not have to be reserved for the royalty. Because it is commonly known as the flower of marriage and love. Each bride-to-be can enjoy the symbolism and beauty of the myrtle in their own wedding flowers and bridal bouquets.

The beautiful and fragrant myrtle symbolizes several other meanings as well. Some are prosperity, good luck, and marital fidelity. They are all very appropriate for any wedding or event, not just for royalty. If you are someone who enjoys doing DIY arrangements, you will love using the myrtle for your flower designs. If you are designing a dear friend’s bridal shower centerpieces, you can incorporate the myrtle foliage and flower. Get the myrtle greenery, fillers, and other supplies as bulk flowers because you can let your creative juices flow for all your upcoming events.

The flower of the myrtle plant also has its own meaning which is very beautiful and symbolic. These meanings are of innocence, purity, and truth. These are all great characteristics and noble values that many people admire and want to espouse. The beautiful white color of the myrtle flower can be interpreted as giving someone these feelings. When they receive or view this flower you convey sentiments of truth and purity. The color white is almost always associated when someone wants to portray a sentiment of innocence or purity in a picture or movie.

Some uses for the myrtle leaves and flowers

You can also use this aromatic greenery in many flower gift baskets for housewarming parties or events such as Thanksgiving or graduation. It will add great beauty and a mesmerizing smell to your occasion. In addition, your friends and guests will be fascinated by your explanation of how the myrtle is fitting for the occasion.

You must include the myrtle flower and foliage if you are an artistic type of person. Especially if you love to take artistic and beautiful pictures and you love to play around with different props for your pictures. You will be saving a lot of money if you get your artistic supplies as wholesale flowers for your flower decorating do-it-yourself projects.

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Medicinal myrtle

The myrtle plant and flower have other benefits. They are used for aromatherapy and have medicinal values. The green leaves of the myrtle plant are used as herbal medicine for coughs, tuberculosis, diarrhea. As well as breathing and lung problems such as asthma symptoms. Even for such issues as low blood pressure, blood circulation, and vomiting problems. Not only are the flowers beautiful and ornamental, but they are so good-smelling that they are many times used in perfumes, cosmetics, and creams as a fragrance. But always make sure to contact your doctor to ask before using any myrtle products for medicinal purposes.

By: Mateen Rokhsefat, lead content marketing at Toronto Bulk Flowers