12 Orange Roses

            12 orange roses are a true example of nature’s beauty. These flowers come in different textures of orange color but Toronto Bulk flower has chosen the most aspiring and attractive orange roses for you. (as you can see in the picture) The orange color represents enthusiasm, fascination, excitement, and energy. While the blazing yellow color in these roses is the symbol of happiness, joy, and friendship. So orange roses represent your:-

i) Budding romantic feelings     ii)  Excitement in relationship  iii)  Passionate romance   iv)  Energy   iv) Enthusiasm
v) Desire     vi)  Excitement

            The meaning of presenting these roses to someone is that you have feelings of friendship mixed with romance, energy, and desire. That you are passionate about her or him and you want to convert that relation of friendship into a romantic relationship.

So on what occasions you can present 12 Orange roses?

  • There is no specific time or occasion for presenting orange flowers. You can present it to your friends at any time or on any occasion when you deem it fit. However, you can also present these flowers on the occasions of Happy New Year Eve, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving day and on your third or fourth date to express your feelings of love. 
  • If you are a shy kind of person and hesitate to express your feelings to your girlfriend or boyfriend then 12 orange roses bouquet is the best floral gift, which you can present to express your feelings of romantic love without words.
  • These flowers can also be presented for the encouragement of someone who is depressed due to failure.
  • You can also use these bright and fresh 12 orange roses in different combination of flowers to create your own aesthetically beautiful bouquets, table centerpieces, and flower arrangements. Yellow rosesyellow Calla lilies, Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily White, Mini Hydrangea Green flower are the best options for these arrangements. You can check some of our flower arrangements for flower arrangement ideas at Bulk Flower shop Richmond Hill.

So what are you waiting for? Order these fresh and beautiful 12 orange roses and present these to your friends to express your budding romantic feelings. Or buy in bulk to make your own flower arrangements at home.