2 Dozen Assorted Color Roses

Roses have come a long way throughout the years and have gained popularity as time goes by. 2 dozen assorted color roses will go a long way in creating the atmosphere that you want to. If you want to add color to your world then get this arrangement which has pink, yellow and red in a beautiful cascade to make your arrangement pop. Roses are not as long lasting as some other types of flowers, but the beauty and fragrance that comes with them will suffice in any setting. Even if you will have them for just a short period of time. Or a few days, you can still enjoy the beauty and enjoyment that these roses will offer.

When you buy 2 dozen assorted color roses you will get an arrangement that is lovely and full of appeal. You can go a step further by adding cream, or white roses to get an even more beautiful arrangement. If you are creating more than one bouquet or arrangements with your roses then you can order them as wholesale flowers. Choose your display method, whether you plan to display in vases, boxes, as a bunch with ribbons, or in a jar and use greenery to create a kaleidoscope of colors that will stand out and make any area beautiful.

You can use your 2 dozen assorted roses to make a colorful potpourri in a transparent vase. Dry the petals and combine them with sweet-smelling oils and spices. When the petals are dried with the mixtures they are placed in an open jar, bowl, or pomander to impart the sweet-smelling aroma throughout the area. Another way you can use them is by putting the fragrant petals into sachets and placing them in drawers to add fragrance to linen. This is a very worthwhile use of rose petals that can be done if they are wilted or just dried.