If you are planning to organize a party to celebrate the wedding anniversary or any other important occasion of love, romance and beauty then you will definitely need 3 dozen red roses. Every occasion of love and beauty is incomplete without red roses. Therefore, the GTA flower shop, Richmond Hill has specially chosen these 3 dozen red roses for the residents of the Greater Toronto Area. We will deliver these fresh roses to you in a beautiful white box through swift delivery of Toronto flower delivery.  

Some facts about 3 dozen red roses:  

  • More than 50 million roses are exchanged on the season of love i.e. Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s week.
  • As red is the color of blood which is the symbol of life. Therefore, the red rose is the lifeline of love in relations.
  • Besides a symbol of love and romance, Red rose is also the symbol of beauty, passion, and energy.
  • When you present a red rose to your sweetheart, it signifies that you have passionate feelings of love, romance, and desire for her.
  • Similarly, presenting red roses to your parents, grandparents and elderly people means that you are thankful to them for making your life full of joy with their presence.

Decoration ideas with 3 dozen red roses:

3 dozen red roses have numerous decoration uses. However, some of the most popular decoration ideas are as follow.

  • You can use red roses with other flowers in combination. The good thing is that their beauty and elegance allow them to fit almost into each floral bouquet.
  • We can give a surprise to our loved ones by pasting these flowers on the front wall of bedroom with scotch tape.
  • We can make beautiful wreaths from these flowers for the entrance door to welcome guests.
  • The petals of roses are used to shower on guests in different cultures.

If red roses does not excite you then you can choose from the following floral arrangements.

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