The universal symbol of roses is love and beauty. However, different colors of roses are the representation of different traits. 50 Stems Roses bouquet is the most aspiring gift that you can give in person or send through the Toronto flower delivery of the GTA flower shop, Richmond Hill to your loved ones on their birthdays. Each month is associated with one or two specific flowers which are called the birth flowers of the said month. Rose is the birth flower for the month of June. Therefore, this 50 Stems Roses bouquet is especially for the people who have their birthdays in the month of June.  However, the beauty of roses is beyond the bar of months. Therefore, You can present or send this vibrant birthday floral bouquet of roses to your loved ones.

The colors used in 50 Stems Roses bouquet by:

  • This bouquet has a splendid combination of red, pink, yellow and orange roses.
  • The leather leaf greenery and salal leaves are uses in this bouquet as fillers.
  • The total number of roses of red, pink, yellow and orange roses is 12.
  • The executive local florists of Yonge flower shop, Richmond Hill have cherry-picked these long stems of fresh roses.
To whom we can present this dozen roses bouquet on their birthdays? 
  • Roses are associated with love, romance, and beauty. Therefore, primarily you can send this ravishing birthday gift to your wife, partner, and girlfriend on their birthday.
  • However, you can also awe-inspire your friends and family members with these dozen roses on their birthdays.
  • This is also a great birthday floral gift for anyone who is fond of roses.

The good thing about these vibrant dozen roses is that they have a long-lasting bloom if cared properly. The long stems of these roses must be dunked in water in a vase so that they may not wilt after some time. We deliver on the same day in the Greater Toronto Area & Richmond Hill area. You can also choose from the following floral bouquets along with some other birthday gifts.

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