African Violet Flower Arrangements

African Violet Flower Arrangements is a composition of two lavender velvet-like and one purple African violet plant. They are often arranged in beautiful woven baskets.

How are the plants grown?

Just like any other African violets, these trio have the same growing procedures thus making it easy for them to be placed together.

  • Use a soil that is rich in nutrients and has a high drainage capacity.
  • Keep them planted in the soil for quite some time until they develop a strong rooting system.
  • Repot them annually into a better fresh soil.

How to care for the Sweet Violet Trio plants

  • Keep the soil moist at all times. Avoid wetting it to avoid cases of root rot.
  • Water them thoroughly but infrequently. Do not water the leaves. There may be high chances of rotting.
  • If the soil is not rich in nutrients, fertilize monthly. This helps boost the growth of the plants.
  • Keep the plants in warm areas. Do not expose them to to much cold. This will cause dormancy and reduces the growth rate.
  • Provide enough lighting to the plants. Moderate to bright but indirect sunlight is the best. However, too much lighting results in scorched leaves while less lighting results in thin and dark green leaves.
  • Prune to remove spent blooms and dead foliage, therefore this will promote better blooms and will result into a healthier plant.

Uses of the Sweet Violet Trio plants

  • They are a symbol of everlasting admiration due to their beautiful colour combinations.
  • They are used in cosmetics to cure dry skins. Most body lotions contain a portion of these plants for medicinal purposes.
  • Their leaves can be crashed and put on injured body parts to reduce pain and swelling.
  • They are used in the cure of breathing problems such as bronchitis and asthma.