The reason African Violet plants are such ideal indoor plants is that they’re small and they’re low maintenance. People living in small apartments who want to bring some nature indoors will love the burst of color these little plants provide.

The African violet is a flowering plant from the genus Saintpaulia family, coming from eastern Africa. These are perennial plants with thick, hairy leaves which are a dark green color. The flowers can be pink, white or violet in color.

African violet plants bloom virtually throughout the year and thrive in low light conditions. Many varieties have been developed and you even get the half-sized miniatures.

Growing and Caring for African Violets Plants :

  • These little plants are meant for growing indoors.
  • They require indirect light and not direct sun as this can burn the leaves.
  • When you’ve got your African Violet to make sure to keep it out of cold droughts.
  • African Violet like humidity, so a good idea is to stand the pot on a saucer filled with gravel and keep the water level just below the surface of this gravel.
  • During Spring you can provide some diluted liquid feed for your African Violet.
  •  Read the feeding instructions on the packaging on how often you should feed your plant. After 2 or 3 years you will need to re-pot your plant in Spring.
  • Encourage flowering by removing dead flowers and leaves so lack of flowers can well be caused by too little light, too much cold air or even lack of humidity.

Grown for Longevity

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Approximate size 9H X 10W inches