Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily Lavender

The color of the Alstroemeria Peruvian lily lavender is regal and the lilies have an attention-getting quality that is not present with the other colors. Its beautiful purple hue shows passion and gives a majestic look to any area it is used to decorate. Lilies are beautiful, that’s a given fact, but a purple lily can add grace to your arrangement. You can use it with other color lilies, roses, carnations or even sprinkle baby’s breath throughout the flowers to get a beautiful and uncommon arrangement.

It is often said that purple is the color of grief so it is a good flower for funerals. That is all good and well, but never restrict one type of flower to a particular occasion or event, as any color flower can be used in any setting. The alstroemeria Peruvian lily lavender can be used for decorations for someone who loves purple. If you want a splash of sunshine then use some yellow flowers to complement the purple. They are supplied in a bunch of 50 stems, but you can order additional bunches if you wish. Like a bridal bouquet for a purple themed wedding, this is a great addition.

You can get them as bulk flowers to decorate an even wider space.

Purple and pink go well together, as well as the purple by itself are beautiful when used in a cream or white setting. It depends on the taste of the owner of course, but you can experiment with your alstroemeria Peruvian lily lavender in ways that you could not imagine. You can create an all-purple bouquet with different types of purple flowers to get a large, enchanting and sentimental arrangement. You can spray them with hairspray to preserve them or plant them afterward. Whatever reason you decide to get flowers, make these ones of your choices and you won’t be disappointed.

By choosing our lavender alstroemeria flowers you will be adding absolute beauty, vibrant color and long-lasting blooms to all your floral arrangements bouquets. The alstroemeria’s trumpet-shaped is hardy yet very delicate. This flower is often referred to as the “lily of the Incas” or the “Peruvian Lily” and is often a favorite among cut-flower lovers. The outside petals of the alstroemeria are a beautiful darker lavender purple and the delicate petals of the inside are highlighted with a hint of canary yellow that looks like a sprinkling of cute freckles or whiskers.