Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily Yellow has a long vase life that lasts about 7-12 days and it has a similar delicate and beautiful look as lilies. That is why many wedding planners and brides choose Alstroemeria flowers to decorate wedding floral arrangements and choose bulk flowers for discounts. This flower’s association with the meaning of loyalty and admiration is significant. Therefore, because of its meaningful symbolism, many brides love to include it in their wedding flower designs and decorative arrangements. You can choose Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily yellow during any season.

The Peruvian lily is a great filler choice for any and all occasions or events, such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries or showers and available as wholesale flowers with us. The reason is that these gorgeous yellow flowers will brighten the room and bring a smile because of their vibrant sunny color. We cut and ship your choice of flowers overnight whenever you buy cut flowers from Toronto Bulk Flowers so that you receive the freshest flowers for any event.

You can choose from a variety of Alstroemeria choices to create your wonderful and colorful flower arrangement DIY projects by purchasing from our wholesale flowers for affordable prices. You can design your own dainty flower vases for a small and intimate gathering of family or friends by using the Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily Yellow as the only unique flower showcasing its vibrant color. Or you can also choose to decorate a big celebration table or several tables for that matter. For example for a wedding or a graduation ceremony by employing the bright Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily Yellow as a great voluminous and filling flower. It helps to add a dash of both bright colors and also increase the size of any arrangement you have chosen for your great day.