Amaryllis Plant

Amaryllis plants are attractive clusters of scented blossoms. It is usually the favorite Christmas gift for everyone. Usually, in the time of holidays, south African-native delivers its trumpet-shaped flowers in the winter. By holidays, it means the time of Christmas as well as Valentine’s Day. Moreover, the most important thing you should know is that this is the seasonal plant. It is not available all year round. There’s no good gift like the bright red blossom, which can bless your spirit during the coldest days of winter.

Amaryllis is very easy to care for and grow. Bare bulbs of amaryllis are planted to time flowering for the end of year presents. Further, these plants produce pleasing blooms through the short dim days of the winter season. During the month of November and December, these plants blossoms very well. These Christmas flowers are available in our flower shop Toronto. These plants are also sold as kits complete with soil, pot, and bulb. This is the wonderful gift package for the occasion of Christmas or for your beloved, who loves plants a lot. In addition to it, the size of the plant is around 14″W x 30″H.

How can you take care of the amaryllis plant?

If you get this plant, you can take pleasure from it for the years to come, but with its proper care:

  1. If your plant has no blossoms and only sprouts, put it in a sunny and warm place. Give them water only when its soil is totally dry to a depth of at least an inch or maybe more.
  2. When their blooms appear, take pleasure from them as long as you can by keeping these plants in a cold place. They hold their blooms for weeks if they get direct sunlight.
  3. When the flowers start to fade, cut them off but leave the stalks. They will continue to produce those nutrients that plants will need to blossom the following year.
  4. You have to fertilize the plants daily with well-adjusted organic plant food.