Amaryllis Red is an infrequent cut flower that can help you to create a different look on a special day. The luxurious appearance of these flowers is perfect for setting up unique scenery on any occasion. Take up these beautiful blooms to work on an extraordinary arrangement as the eye-candy at an event. The rare magical beauty of these flowers can help you make wonders at an event.

The striking red petals emerging from the center-surround the protruding pollens and gracefully curl outside. The vibrant color makes them a good choice. Use them as the primary bloom in a floral arrangement. The flowers are also used as fillers due to their long, clear stem in bigger arrangements. The trumpet shape of Amaryllis Red provides a different sight among typical, round flowers.

The long stalks ranging from a foot to two make Amaryllis Red look very graceful. Add a dramatic look to your casual, day to day space by adding only a few stalks of cut Amaryllis Red flowers in a narrow neck vase. Use these blooms from bulk flowers to generate a magical ambiance with their energetic red color.

How to arrange amaryllis flowers?

These flowers usually grow a single bloom or sometimes double on one stalk. Additionally, the leafless stalk makes them ideal for long vases or comparatively bigger floral arrangements. Insert them in to fill gaps and enhance the beauty of the assortment. Pick up these blooms from Toronto Bulk Flowers and make a stunning arrangement for your special occasion.

How do you arrange amaryllis flowers?

Use them to cheer up a dull indoor atmosphere or contrast the bright red color with any light-colored setting, like the typical white or off white walls in many houses or offices. They work really well in contrast with different white flowers like white peonies, roses, etc. These flowers prove to be even more long-lasting than other wholesale flowers when kept indoors in optimum temperature and ample amount of clean water in their containers.

Red Amaryllis is a very rare type of flower, which explains why you need it so much. If your wedding look is beautiful and luxurious, then this flower can work out the magic for you. It has red petals to cover the center. Therefore, you can use it as a filler or the key feature of the floral setup.