Aralia Green – 50 stems

Aralia foliage leaves are what you need when you want to add that extra wonderful green accent to your wedding centerpieces. Aralia leaves have a long stem with a large star-shaped leaf which is glossy and medium to dark green. Purchased as affordable bulk flowers, this foliage greenery can be used alongside other featured fillers and flowers to make your floral arrangements look elegant and luxurious.

The Aralia Green’s leaves also look fan-shaped and can be a great backdrop for any flower arrangements. Its large leaves display the green color which works perfectly well for rustic and romantic wedding centerpieces. Wedding flowers such as roses, lilies, orchids, and peonies will be a great match with this spectacular greenery. If you are someone who is looking for an exquisite floral arrangement, then you need to get your hands on this wonderful and versatile greenery.

Because of its great size and hand-shaped leaf, you can use the Aralia Green for many exotic looking all-green flower arrangements or flower basket arrangements. Many over-sized tropical centerpiece arrangements employ this great greenery as well as fillers such as the exotic Ornamental Cabbage, Genista Tinted Assorted colors and Heather Flowers.

If you are the creative type and love to design do-it-yourself flower arrangements then make sure to get your hands on the Aralia Green. This greenery will simplify flower designs for Mother’s Day vase arrangements, Valentine’s Day rose bouquets and housewarming flower baskets.

Our professional flowers designers here at Toronto Bulk Flowers are ready to offer you any advice for your DIY flower design projects. We also offer some of the most competitive prices for wholesale flowers, fillers, greeneries such as the Aralia Green, Seeded Eucalyptus Greenery and Curly Willow. Our Prices will compete with Costco flowers and Avenue Road florist prices.

Approximately 10″ Height & 7″ Width