Areca Palm Also Known As Butterfly Palm

If you know somebody who is down in the dumps after having returned home from a tropical beach holiday, the Areca Palm will be the perfect gift to cheer them up. The palm, also known as the Butterfly Palm, will instantly give your patio or interiors a tropical look, cheering everybody up with its vibrant green leaves.

The Areca palm which hails from Madagascar and South India is popular as an indoor plant. With the right care and high humidity, they can grow well and achieve about 7 or 8 inches of growth in a year.

This palm is great for growing indoors but they are sensitive to fertilizer salts building up.  A mature Areca Palm can reach a height of 7 feet, and you can also trim it so that it suits the space you have for it.

Taking Care of the Areca Palm

  • This palm wants the right light if it is to thrive. It looks for bright, indirect light. If you put it in direct sunlight the leaves will turn yellow.
  • You can fertilize your plant with a time-release fertilizer. This should be done in spring when growth is expected.  Always read the labels and dilute and apply them according to the instructions.
  • Your palm will eventually require repotting as it grows, even though this palm actually likes a tight container. Repotting gives you the chance to provide the palm with fresh, nutritious soil and to also get rid of those fertilizer salt deposits.
  • Like any other Palm, the Areca wants soil with good drainage to avoid waterlogged roots. A peat-based mix is a good choice for the palm. You want the potting mix to dry out between the next watering.

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