If you are looking for peace, hope, longevity, prosperity, beauty, luck, graciousness or good energy then adding a Lucky Bamboo Plant to your desired area may help. It’s a trouble-free houseplant. Moreover, they demand no such care. They work very well in sunny windows, but they should not be kept in too bright places.

This spectacular plant is a member of dracaena family. Meanwhile, they also share their physical similarities. This plant has been the representation of fortune and luck in Asian culture for more than 5000 years. It is believed in Shui and Feng that bamboo creates harmony between five elements which are as follows:

  • Earth
  • Wood
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Metal
  • It brings positivity as well

It is related to the exact same family of the lily, and they are native to the parts of Southeast Asia and tropical rainforests of Africa. Approximately, size of good bamboo is 10″ h x 6″ w. The amount of layers might be varies.

How can we take care of Lucky Bamboo Plant?

It is a wonderful indoor plant, and they can grow a lot easily. It does not only do well in soil, but it also do very well in plain water. If we take proper care of this lovely plant, then it can grow to almost 2 to 3 feet high.

Growth in water

  • We can fill the container to the bottom level with pebbles.
  • We can add enough water to it so that it can rise to a couple of inches directly above the pebbles.
  • The roots of this attractive plant have to be submerged.
  • We should change its water in every 1 to 2 weeks so that we can prevent it from rotting.
  • The water present in it should always smell fresh and look clear.

We should also keep this indoor plant in a sunny and warm place. Ideally, the place which has a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees F. Too bright windows are not ideal for this plant.