The Toronto Office “Bamboo  – Just Dracaena Sanderiana” also known as lucky bamboo has its origin in Cameroon and Congo. This plant to grow healthier and fuller, favorable growth conditions must be provided.

Conditions for growth of the  bamboo -Just Dracaena sanderiana

These are low-maintenance plants and require less care for them to thrive. once every week watering.

  • Lighting

The Toronto Office  bamboo grow excellently in sunny spots but away from direct sunlight which may scorch the plants. On the other hand, growing them in poorly lit areas will lead to stunted growth.

    • Water

Tap water contains huge amounts of fluorides, chlorine and salts. Purified water is highly recommended.

  • Fertilizer

Adding fertilizer to water will ensure that it gets the preferred nutrients, thus encouraging growth. Water-soluble fertilizers are the most ideal. Liquid fertilizer is the best. Avoid direct fertilization using solid fertilizers.

Importance of the Dracaena sanderiana

  • Most people, if not all, believe in good luck Bamboo is associated with good luck thus having it at home symbolizes good fortune and good results.
  • First, these plants are cheap and readily available at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Secondly, they are a symbol of the 5 main components of life. These components are wood, earth, water, fire and metal. Stems signify wood, rocks symbolize earth, water symbolizes water component, the red ribbon signifies the fire component and lastly the glass container denotes the metal component.
  • Finally, they are low-maintenance plants and can survive in any light conditions. They require less maintenance practices and can be good for the ever-busy persons.

Approximately: 12″ h x 4″ w