The Toronto Office “Bamboo Pyramid Dracaena sanderiana”, just from the name, takes a pyramid shape. They differ in height depending on the type. There is premium shape and deluxe shape. This height dimensions are taken from the stalks and not the leaves because the number of leaves vary.

The bamboo stalks used range from 2 layers to 8 layers, depending on your preferred size and leaf bud size ranges from one to two centimeters.

Maintenance of the Toronto Office “Bamboo – pyramid Dracaena sanderiana”

  • Water the plants frequently and always change it on a weekly basis. However, if the roots come out, there is no need to change the water.
  • Always spray water (mist) on the leaves during hot seasons to ensure the plant remains moist.
  • Dracaena sanderiana grow well in 16-26℃ although they can easily die in temperatures that are too low for their survival.
  • Put lucky bamboo indoor and in areas with bright but indirect sunlight. Make sure there is sufficient sunlight for them. Avoid bright and direct sunlight that may cause scorching.
  • Propagation

Cuttings from soft tips or rather new leafy growth do not grow well as anticipated. Placing them in water repeatedly causes them to rot and rooting can be hard. Use healthy and strong cuttings that will grow roots rapidly.

Importance of the pyramid sanderiana

  • First, Toronto Office offers pyramid sanderianas at discounted prices for our esteemed customers. Our prices are pocket-friendly and the plants are available at all times.
  • Secondly, they are low-maintenance plants and can survive in any light condition and low water provision.
  • Thirdly, they are lucky plants as their name lucky bamboo suggests hence known to bring happiness and prosperity in homes and places of work.