The Toronto Office shui good luck is a practice of conveying and conserving balance in the environments, which is enhanced by natural elements.


It characterizes wood as a natural component; fire is represented by the red ribbon tied to the plant. This gives affirmative results. Using plants in feng shui helps bring a sense of safety. Additionally, it brings happiness and comfort to a room/home by making a sense of balance.

It is a small, bamboo-like plant usually sold in attractive containers. The plant is said to attract plenty in many areas of life. The plant resembles bamboo despite the fact that they are members of the lily family called Dracaena sanderiana.

However, it grows better as a potted plant, since it grows slower and is smaller than many known bamboo species.

Care of the Toronto Office – shui good luck

  • Toronto Office Feng shui thrives well in bright but indirect sunlight. Bright and direct light causes scorching whereas low light provision causes slow growth.
  • Its roots require frequent moisture supply. If the plant starts turning yellow, it may be receiving a lot of sunlight. Yellowing can also be caused by the type of water used. Filtered/ spring water works best for these plants than chlorinated tap water.

Importance of the Feng shui

  • The Toronto Office Feng Shui is always used mostly for decors.
  • It requires minimal care practices, sunlight or attention such as trimming or fertilizer application, so it is the most ideal plant for offices or in homes where plants may be neglected or forgotten about for a very long time.
  • This plant is always sold in decorative pots. This is better than taking it home to re-pot in another container. If you do not want the hassle of plant care, this can be the ideal choice.