Beautiful Flower is the epitome of love and beauty, which have specifically designed by our professional florists. The combination of white, pink and green colors makes it a graceful wedding anniversary floral gift for your partner. Presenting this floral gift on your anniversary will rekindle love, romance, passion and strength in your relationship. This will remind your partner that you still love him/her and you have not forgotten this special day in the hectic routine of life. The vase is composed of white Cymbidium orchids, pink Wax flowers, and Galax leaves. These flowers are arranged in glass cube vase which is leaf-lined. This arrangement is  easy to carry and easy to pack in a vase.  The good thing about this floral gift is that it is not expensive. Its price is very reasonable as compared with other floral gifts.

What does a beautiful flower vase represent?

  • White Cymbidium orchids represent elegance, beauty, innocence, and purity.
  • The pink Wax flowers have a long-lasting bloom therefore it represents lasting love.
  • The Galax leaves resemble the shape of a heart so these leaves are the symbol of love.
  • Collectively, the beautiful flower vase is the representation of your long-lasting pure love for your partner and the beauty of your partner.

On what occasion you can send flower vase?

           You can present these gift on any of your wedding anniversaries whether it is your first anniversary or fiftieth. Roses are the best floral gift for wedding anniversaries but the same flowers on each occasion make it boring.Therefore, present something different and unique this year like this Cymbidium orchids vase.

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If you are in Richmond Hill then please visit us at Toronto Bulk Flower shop, 9961 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill ON L4C 1T9 for a complete range of wedding anniversary floral gifts.

Approximately 6″W x 8″H