Bee Rose is a unique and exquisite variety of rose featuring colorful shades of yellow and black. Its striking beauty makes it perfect for any occasion or use. The black and yellow shades of its petals are a stark contrast to traditional rose varieties, creating an eye-catching effect. Its petals have a velvety texture that adds to its beauty. So, if you are looking to awe inspire your loved ones on their special day, nothing is better than these vibrant roses.

How this bee rose is different from other roses?

Unlike other roses, bee rose has a unique color combination that stands out in any flower arrangement. The petals arc outward from its center in shades of yellow and then the outer layers of the flowers are shaded with black. This unique color combination makes the bee rose appear almost like a bumblebee in flight, thus giving it its name. The bee rose also has a velvety texture to its petals, which adds a hint of luxury to any floral arrangement.

What thoughts you can convey with these blooms?

This fascinating flower can symbolize both tactfulness and ambition, making it ideal for recognizing individuals who possess those traits or encouraging someone to pursue their own ambitions further. It can also be used to show admiration at an accomplishment achieved through hard work and dedication alone. Moreover, it is a great way of expressing gratitude and appreciation for the special people in your life.

Occasions & Uses:

Bee Rose is perfect for many occasions such as anniversary celebrations, graduations, wedding festivities, birthday gifts or just to say “I appreciate you”. This versatile flower can provide cheer and alacrity during times when people need some extra motivation. These hard times are the result of difficulties they are facing in life as well. You can use it to bring joy and happiness to any special event. Furthermore, these blooms are great for grand flower arrangements due to their unique color combination.


Overall, Bee Rose is an excellent addition to any flower bouquet due to its dazzling beauty and vibrant colors. Its unique appearance and velvety texture make it an ideal choice for expressing admiration and appreciation. So, if you want to surprise your loved ones with a special gift, Bee Rose is the perfect rose.