Bells of Ireland Flower Greenery

The Bells of Ireland Flower also called Molucella are a beautiful and very versatile filler that looks elegant and unique. It is a highly adaptable filler, which explains the reason for lots of love from many DIY brides and wedding planners.

With this foliage, your wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets shall look fancy and romantic. These elegant green leaves are ideal for wrapping up your floral arrangement.

Getting these flowers with your other wedding flowers as bulk flowers are the most affordable way to go.

Each long stem of this filler is filled from top to bottom with beautiful bell-shaped green flowers, hence the name

They will look exotic and fancy not only in wedding centerpieces and arrangements but also as an addition to vase flower arrangements for a get-well bouquet or housewarming gift.

Your mother will love the pop of color when designed amongst hand-tied Mother’s Day bouquet.

The Bells of Ireland Flower goes well with many fillers, flowers, and other greenery.

Greeneries such as:

  • Pittosporum Greenery
  • Leather Leaf Greenery
  • Eucalyptus Silver Dollar

They are also a great complement with other flowers such as


  • Gerbera daisies
  • Dendrobium orchids
  • Anthuriums.

Many versatile and gorgeous fillers with assorted colors match this greenery, such as Genista flowers, Chrysanthemum Spray Button Green and Yellow Solidago filler.

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