If you are looking for an awesome floral wedding anniversary gift which can also be used as a decoration piece.  Then the bird of paradise flower arrangement is the best choice for this purpose. The good thing about this floral arrangement is that its flowers have long-lasting blooms which makes it a perfect choice for home decor. Our executive florists at Yonge Flower shop, Richmond Hill has chosen these flowers in this arrangement wisely. These flowers on your wedding anniversary or on any special occasion will fill the heart of your partner with bliss.  Because this fresh floral gift will outshine all other gifts.

Bird of Paradise flower arrangement is the blend of:

  • Birds of Paradise flowers,
  • Yellow Roses,
  • Yellow Orchids,
  • Anthurium flowers,
  • curling Monstera leaves,
  • Tai leaves and curly willow branches.
  • This floral presentation has been arranged in a light brown cylindrical container.

What does the Bird of Paradise flower arrangement represent?

  • This stunning floral gift represents beauty, long-lasting passionate love, joy, affection, happiness, and long life. Each flower and its color has a deeper meaning in it.
  •  Firstly, Birds of paradise flowers are the symbol of beauty, freedom, and paradise.
  •  Secondly, Anthurium or lace leaf flower is a dark red, heart-shaped flower.  This is the reason it represents passionate love and energy in a relationship.
  •  While yellow orchids and yellow roses are the symbols of joy, happiness, loveliness, and affection.
  • Lastly, the colors and combination of these flowers make it a perfect piece of art and the best wedding anniversary gift.

Therefore, present this flower arrangement along with rose bouquet to show the strength of your love for your partner. You can visit us for a complete range of wedding anniversary and thank you floral gifts, if you are in the Greater Toronto Area, Richmond Hill, Toronto