Get ready to fall in love with the beautiful Black Rose Mamba. This gorgeous flowers have deep black petals, expressing a beauty like none other. It has an eye-catching bloom and perfect for adding a bit of drama to any garden or bouquet. Moreover, It is also known to be incredibly resilient, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor occasions.


With a stem length between 18” – 20” and 46 – 50 petals on each bloom, you can count on these flowers lasting 6 to 12 days when kept in a vase with flower food packet provided. These blossoms reach up to 2.6” – 3.8” in size once they bloom in two to three days.

Why order Black rose instead red or other colors?

It is true that black rose is rare in nature, meaning it is more precious and valuable. The stunning dark hue of the petals can make a statement like no other flower and will evoke feelings of mystery, romance, and even sorrow. Black rose are perfect for expressing something that cannot be said with words.

So if you are looking for something truly extraordinary to make your special someone feel loved, then the Black Rose Mamba is the perfect gift! Order now and make that special occasion even more memorable.


Occasion for these roses

This rose is for those who love and like black color and like to take a risk. It’s perfect for special events such as weddings, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and other romantic occasions. Black roses can also be used as an expression of sympathy or mourning due to the dark color associated with death.


Apart from that these stunning blooms look amazing in any bouquet or floral arrangement, and can be used in many different decorations to add a bit of flair and sophistication. They also look great when paired with other colors like white, deep red, and purple.

And what makes this gift even more special is that it comes with a personalized message that you can add at checkout — making it an extra special way to show someone how much you care about them. Order your own gorgeous Black Rose Mamba now and enjoy their vivid beauty for days to come!