Brides-to-be love to design their wedding bouquets and bridal centerpieces with the Blue Eryngium Thistle because of its exotic look. These dramatic purple-blue star-shaped flowers will be an eye-catcher in any wedding flowers arrangement. Also commonly famous with the names the Arabian Dawn or Big Blue Thistle. They add the needed touch of color to any white or cream monotone flower design. Any smart bride will know that the Arabian Dawn is also ideal as the “something blue” if they want to keep their traditional wedding addition. and are eye-catching in any arrangement.

The Blue Eryngium Thistle will add a lot of texture and create great interest for your wedding bouquet. It is an ideal exotic flower when you love the idea of having a rustic wedding theme. All your wedding entourage will love the Big Blue Thistle in their floral design. You can add it to the groom’s boutonniere and the wrist corsages of the mothers of the bride and groom.

Tips to buy

Get your fillers and greens as bulk flowers if you are planning to design your own wedding flowers or that of a loved one. Also, the beautiful blue purply color of the Blue Eryngium Thistle will match well with many bridesmaids’ dress colors. The wonderful color will pop well in colors when styled in the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Not only is the Blue Eryngium Thistle perfect as rustic and classy wedding flowers, but it is also a perfect fit for the artistic people who love to design floral arrangements. If you love to create do-it-yourself arrangments for occasions and events such as baby showers or birthdays then look no further. Even arranging flowers for Christmas and Thanksgiving is a breeze with the Blue Thistle. Make sure to call us at Toronto Bulk Flowers for the most competitive prices and the freshest wholesale flowers available.