The bouquet of flowers is a fabulous assortment of get well blooms that sprout happiness on its receiver at Michael Garron Hospital, East York . This bouquet includes the following blooms.

  • Yellow oncidium orchids that are also commonly known as dancing lady orchid.
  • The classical red roses.
  • White carnation flowers.
  • Asiatic lilies of yellow hue.
  • Lastly, green foliage that is used as filler.

All of these floral blooms and greenery has been hand-tied with a charming decorative ribbon by the local florists Richmond Hill. It is a perfect gift that you can present to your loved ones as a gesture of goodwill. Therefore, send it today to your loved ones through same-day delivery East York and North York. We will deliver on the same day in Baycrest Health Sciences, North York.

 The symbolic meaning of blooms in the bouquet of flowers by the GTA flower shop:

  • The yellow oncidium orchid is the symbol of abundant sunshine, health, and good luck.
  • As we all know the red roses are the symbol of love and beauty.
  • The yellow Asiatic lilies, the primary flowers, are symbolizing zest & zeal for enjoyment, good luck, and happiness in life.
  • While the white carnations are the symbol of pure love, innocence, and good luck.
  • So collectively the bouquet of flowers represents your feelings of good health, good luck, love, and happiness.

On what occasions bouquet of flowers can be presented?

            You can send this exquisite floral gift along with a nominal gift to your loved ones in Newmarket and Markham. We will deliver through same-day delivery Newmarket and same-day delivery Markham respectively on the following occasions.

  • Baby shower.
  • Birth of a newborn baby.
  • Baptism ceremony.
  • On the surgery day of your loved one to bid good wishes of recovery.
  • Friendship day.
  • Thanksgiving day.
  • Canadian family day.
  • The spring day.

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